Enhance Your Space with Mirrors

Trying to keep up with the newest trends can be a hassle. Discerning between what’s in style and what’s actually functional and practical leave many confused. Some seem to believe dressers with mirrors fall into this category. Are they in style or outdated? 

Trends come and go, but what you find attractive usually stays the same. While we all have a desire to fit in when it comes to your home furniture you shouldn’t limit yourself to what’s trendy. Buy pieces you will want to see a year or five years from now. 

Dressers with mirrors are always in style as they also serve functional needs. However, they are making a comeback with those who previously dismissed them as furniture their grandmother would buy. Vintage furniture is back and so are the mirrors that come with the antique design. Wicker furniture has also made a reappearance and the dressers with mirrors have been updated to fit most modern styles. 

Buying a classic piece typically means it will withstand any trend, but most home décor that’s deemed classic does cycle in and out of style. Keeping up with the trends can be exhausting as they change so often, so choose pieces for your home that you love and don’t worry about the latest fads you see in the lifestyle magazines. 

You can find an updated dresser with mirror at 1StopBedrooms at deeply discounted prices. You’ll see an abundance of choices when it comes to dressers with mirrors. Find a combination set to spruce up your bedroom, or order one to attach to your current dresser. 

Contemporary Wall Treatments Inspired By Textiles

Dressers with mirrors add charm and functionality to any bedroom. Smaller rooms feel bigger with the mirror added, making them a great choice for guest rooms. They also give your guests privacy as they get dressed and groom themselves for the day. 

In your bedroom, it also gives you the chance to check your appearance before leaving out. If you keep your everyday accessories on your dresser, like a watch, earrings, rings, or a necklace, you can use the mirror to be sure they match your outfit.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for a dresser mirror combination as you don’t want the piece to overwhelm the space. The style and mood of the room should remain cohesive. 

The modern vintage-styled sets come with elaborately ornate mirrors that add personality to the room. The patterns etched into the wood and the curvature of the mirror’s design makes a statement all on their own. 

It’s okay to get creative and find a combo that contrasts as well. If your walls are a neutral color, add a dresser with a mirror that’s boldly framed. The addition will really help the area stand out without clashing with the background. If you have bright pastel-colored walls then a simple mirror can be the contrast you need. 

You’ll find dresser mirror combos in these styles and more at 1Stop, so don’t wait, visit the site today and purchase your new set. 

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