Creating a Cozy Nook Indoors or Out

A cozy living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.

Creating a cozy nook indoors or out is an excellent way to get away and relax.  A small space dedicated to reading or just cuddling up for a nap or quiet time is something we all need from time to time.  Whether you would rather spend that time indoors or outdoors is up to you, but here are a few ideas to inspire you.

A woman is sitting in a cozy swing chair in a bedroom.
A simple cozy nook (homedit)
A cozy nook with a window.
An airy spot for relaxing (pinterest)
A cozy nook with a white couch.
A cozy spot for privacy (smallhouseinteriors.BlogSpot)

In the house, carving out a space in the living room is a simple way to create an inviting nook.  A comfortable chair, a table and perhaps a stool to prop up your feet is all that is needed.  Cozy up next to bookshelves so that books are handy or design built-ins around a window.

A cozy living room with a large painting on the wall.
Carve out a space in the living room for a cozy nook (lushome)
A cozy nook with a brown couch and orange pillows.
A corner of a room is all that is needed for a cozy nook (HGTV)
A cozy nook with a window and a bed.
A very cozy nook for reading and relaxing (pinterest)
A cozy living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.
A cozy nook (contentinacottage.BlogSpot)

Utilize the space under the stairs for a hide-away for relaxing or napping.  The upstairs landing is an ideal spot to get away and read as well.  A window seat is a great place to get the best of both indoors and outdoors.  You can enjoy the comfort of the indoors while enjoying the view from a large window.

A cozy nook with a white chair and blue paintings on the wall.
Soothing colors make this tucked-away nook a relaxing spot (pinterest)
A cozy nook with a window seat.
The top floor landing makes a perfect spot for a cozy nook (stylemotivation)
A cozy nook with bookshelves in a hallway.
A tidy window seat (stylemotivation)

Outdoors, create a comfortable space with a bench or comfortable chair on the patio or deck.  A side table, nice cushions and a good book is all you need to complete your space.

A cozy nook porch with a table and chairs.
A cozy nook outside the back door (pinterest)
A cozy nook with a wooden deck and a hammock under a tree.
A cozy garden nook (myhomeideas)

Hammocks are the ultimate relaxation tool for the backyard.  Dress up a hammock by building a frame for it and placing it next to a soothing water feature.  Hang a cozy cocoon-style hammock from a sturdy tree and swing away in privacy.

A cozy nook with a wooden swing bed surrounded by water lilies.
A beautiful backyard retreat (
A cozy hammock hanging from a tree in a garden.
Cozy cocoon-like hammocks (pinterest)
A group of colorful baskets hanging in a cozy nook.
Colorful and cozy tree hammocks (

For the ultimate outdoor cozy nook, build a small shed or construct a pergola.  Furnish it with floor pillows and hang sheers to gently blow in the breeze and keep insects down.  Construct a simple lean-to using salvaged doors.

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A cozy nook with a window and door made of small wooden shed.
A private shed for relaxing (readers)
A cozy white cottage with pink roses in the garden.
For snuggling or relaxing in the backyard (pinterest)
A cozy garden path with a gazebo and stepping stones.
A cozy garden retreat (pinterest)

For a simple nook outdoors, simply place a comfortable chair under a tree.  Decorate this private outdoor space.  Use a tree trunk for a table and hang artwork on the tree.  Have pillows and a blanket on hand for maximum comfort.

A cozy black adirondack chair nestled in a nook with pillows and a tree in the background.
A simple outdoor nook made homey (pinterest)
A cozy nook with a green chair next to a tree with flowers.
Create a charming spot under a tree in the backyard (pinterest)

Indoors and out, you can find the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying some private time.  Indoors, designate a quiet spot of your own in the living room, by a window or on a second-floor landing.  Outdoors, make your own cozy nook under a tree, on the patio or in the garden.  Take a few moments to wind down and relax with a cozy nook.


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