Girls’ Bedroom Ideas to Make Her Feel Like a Princess

A girls' bedroom
A girls' bedroom (Houzz)

Many little girls dream of being a princess and reigning over their very own castle.  You can make this dream come true for your little girl by designing a bedroom that is fit for a princess.  Elements of fantasy, whimsy and function can come together for a room that brings a smile to her face.

Girls bedroom
Girls’ bedroom (
Pretty girls' bedroom
Pretty girls’ bedroom (home-designing)
A dreamy girls' bedroom
A dreamy girls’ bedroom (isydecor)
A sweet girls bedroom
A sweet girls’ bedroom (

Lose yourself in your child’s imagination and create a fantasy bedroom that is whimsical, comfortable and functional.  If she is old enough, ask her opinion of what she likes and what her dream bedroom would look like.  You may be surprised how much she can inspire you.  This may even be a fun project to do together.

A dreamy girls' bedroom
A dreamy girls’ bedroom (rejidesign)
A beautiful girls' bedroom
A beautiful girls’ bedroom (architectureartdesigns)
Designed for an older girls' bedroom
Designed for an older girls’ bedroom (unastl)

Choose a theme or colors for the bedroom first.  This is a great starting point and will direct the design.  Select colors and themes that will grow with the child if possible.  Keep in mind a child’s changing tastes and likes.  Cinderella may be her fantasy now, but later on she may like something else.  The key is to create a space that takes her likes into consideration but can be changed easily.

A pink girls' bedroom
A pink girls’ bedroom (interiordesignforhouses)
A colorful girls' bedroom
A colorful girls’ bedroom (
Stylish girls' bedroom
Stylish girls’ bedroom (

Canopies add a very feminine touch to a girl’s bedroom and can be styled in various ways.  A more formal style of canopy is the type that is draped from above the bed on a frame and fastened to the bed posts with ribbon.  A crown canopy is wall-mounted and very tailored.  A curtain style canopy gives the child freedom to open and close it.  For more creative canopy options, construct a tent enclosure or a cozy nook.

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A canopy for a girls' bedroom
A canopy for a girls’ bedroom (awhittier.BlogSpot)
A sweet canopy
A sweet canopy (designspad)
Creative canopies for girls' room (Homedit
Creative canopies for girls’ room
A nook for girls' room
A nook for girls’ room (refigdesign)
A crown canopy in a girls' bedroom
A crown canopy in a girls’ bedroom (elliottspourhouse)

If your child enjoys inviting friends over, place an extra bed in the room for sleepovers.  If space allows, designate a corner of the room for playing with friends and create something special, such as a very girly camping site.

Extra bed for sleepovers in a girls' bedroom
Extra bed for sleepovers in a girls’ bedroom (homeartblog)
A girls' camping sleepover
A girls’ camping sleepover (pinterest)

Storage space is important in a girl’s bedroom in order to keep toys and clothing organized and orderly.  Construct built-ins for a tidy solution to this.  A bed with built-in drawers or a decorative trunk can also serve as storage.  Creative options for storage, such as unique decorative boxes and baskets, make great additions to the girl’s bedroom.

Storage for a girls' bedroom
Storage for a girls’ bedroom (homedesignbee)
Extra storage in this girls' bedroom
Extra storage in this girls’ bedroom (HGTV)
Colorful decorative boxes for extra storage in a girls' room
Colorful decorative boxes for extra storage in a girls’ room (digsdigs)

When designing a girl’s bedroom, let her express her dreams and help you realize it.  A little girl always remembers her childhood room.  Create a space that is fun and functional so that the little girl in your life can enjoy her own little castle.



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