Creative ideas for your headboards

A bedroom with a unique fish tank as a headboard.

The headboards can donate a very unique and original look to the bedrooms, especially if they are made with recycled materials. There are many different types of headboards: from those extremely elegant and classic made with canopy, to those very innovative and luxurious made with aquariums, from the headboards made with recycled materials such as shutters or wood, to the headboards made from hockey sticks or pillows.

A bed with a shutter headboard.
headboard with recycled shutters
A bed with a patchwork headboard and purple curtains.
headboard made with cushions
A room with a bed and aquarium headboards.
acquarium headboard

Among all the design ideas, these are without doubts the more charming and luxurious. One type of headboard very suitable for linear and modern style bedrooms are those made with stones that create a “zen atmosphere” with a touch of Japanese style.

A bed with a headboard and pillows.
wood headboard
A room with a wooden headboard for the bed(s).
wood headboard
Two pictures showcasing canopy beds with luxurious chandeliers.
headbord with canopy

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself idea, you can create an unique headboard with recycled old pillows,cushing or with your old shutters. For those who love sports, a very funny idea is to make an headboard with golf clubs, baseball bats or tennis rackets.

A bed with a headboard in a bedroom with a stone wall.
headboard with stones
A white bed with white pillows and white headboards.
headboard with recycled shutters
A headboard made out of shutters for a bed.
headboard with recycled shutters
A wooden headboard in a bedroom.
wood headboard
A bedroom with a wooden headboard.
wood headboard




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