10 Cool Headboard Ideas To Improve Your Bedroom Design

A minimalist bedroom design with a grey bed and green pillows.

That is Headboards may have been originally created to keep pillows and beddings in place but today, designers have turned these functional pieces into design elements that can completely transform a bedroom design. If you feel like your bedroom is lacking in style, take the décor to a whole new level with these great headboard ideas.

1. Slipcovered

Not happy with the bland headboard you have? Well, you don’t have to start from scratch. A well-fitted slip cover with interest artwork can be a clever, inexpensive way to change up your bedroom’s style.

Bedroom design with desk and flowers.

2. Upholstered

Another affordable option to improve your bedroom design, you can hang your taste of textiles, tapestry or even curtains on the wall beside the head-side part of your bed. That is to say, upholstered headboards not only add style, but also allow you to change up the look of your bedroom whenever you want.

A polka dot wall in a bedroom design.

3. Rainbow colors

If you are looking to add some color to your bedroom, install a mirrored rainbow headboard. This bold choice can be the iridescent centerpiece your room requires to come alive.

A colorful bedding and plant on a bed in a bedroom design.

4. Shelf

Give your small bedroom all the storage space it needs by installing a shelf as your headboard. When designed to perfectly match the room, shelf headboards can cultivate intrigue while giving you the perfect area to stack candles, books and photos.

A bedroom designed with a bed and a nightstand.

5. Floating

Get your bedside tables off the floor with an extended headboard, which is not just a uniquely elegant décor item, but also a functional piece of furniture.

A bedroom with a black bed frame and a painting on the wall, showcasing a stylish bedroom design.

6. Oar

If you have a beach house, or you have or are planning to use a nautical theme for your bedroom, an oar headboard will blend perfectly with its surroundings.

Bedroom with a view

A row of wooden paddles in a bedroom.

7. Chalkboard

If you want a headboard that will uniquely add some fun to your bedroom, combine wood, chalkboard paint, dustless chalk and a witty message to create a simple yet interesting statement.

Bedroom design featuring a chalkboard headboard with a wake up message.

8. Moroccan

A headboard design that is inspired by geometric Moroccan patterns can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a look that is attention-grabbing, yet neutral enough to fit in without much redesigning.

A minimalist bedroom design with a bed and a dresser in white and blue.

9. Pillows

Looking to add some coziness to your bedroom? For your next DIY project, get some pillows that match your bed and mount them on the wall to create a unique decorative headboard.

A bedroom design featuring a bed with white and brown pillows and a bedside table.

10. Paper cuttings

Coming in numerous shapes and sizes, paper cuttings can be a great headboard idea. This is especially true if you want to add a great pop of color to your bedroom. You can use thin artist tape to creatively secure the cuttings of choice to otherwise plain headboard.

Floral-themed bedroom design with a white bed.

As these ideas demonstrate, cool headboard options are in abundance. A unique headboard can make your bed more visually appealing and change your entire bedroom for the better. Do not be afraid to try!


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