The Top Bedroom Trends and Styles for a Modern Look

For some, it’s all about the classic, the antique pieces and the ornate touches. For others, it’s the Bohemian, the shabby chic, the unusual pattern mixes and bizarre centrepieces. For you, it’s the modern: clean, versatile, elegant, and just a little artsy. The Modern-style bedroom has never really been out of fashion, not completely, and it’s undergoing a resurgence these days. There has never been a better time to dive into Modern design, and we’re here to help you get that perfect blend of trends and techniques to be the envy of all your guests.

First and foremost, you’ll want to decide what sort of Modern style you lean towards. Do you favour the mid-century design, with its preference for neutrals and natural materials? Are you more a fan of Scandinavian design, which prioritises whites, accents, and simple shapes? Are you somewhere between the subgenres? It’s more important to get a result you love than one that’s as trendy as possible, so think about what makes you happier before you decide what to get.

Dark Wood Furniture Does Heavy Lifting

This isn’t to say that lighter woods can’t be used; indeed, Modern design makes ample use of light colours in general. Still, dark wood has been growing more and more popular in the last few decades, and it’s a typical feature of the straightforward, practical designs that make the look. Moreover, dark wood furniture perfectly complements the typically bright space created with the other Modern touches. This style leans hard towards Urban Modern, which tends to be on the formal side of the spectrum. It’s a perfect match for those who like fancy but don’t like it overdone.

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Barebones Bedframe

As the central feature of your bedroom, your bed has to look the part. There is no Modern bedroom without the Modern bed. So, what does the Modern bed look like? For one, it’s simple. Your bedframe won’t have any ornate or extravagant touches to it. It will almost certainly be all one colour, and it will have a single consistent shape throughout. In other words, if the headboard is a half oval, the foot of the bed will be the same shape. Speaking of headboards, yours will likely be small—in fact, Modern-style headboards are rarely much taller than your pillows when they’re placed vertically. Footboards are non-existent in Modern design. Mid-Century Modern opts for frames with simple legs, while Scandinavian might propose a bedframe with built-in storage underneath, leaving no empty gap under the mattress. This design highlights the most functional part, which is your mattress. For best results, choose a cosy, thick mattress, such as a popular mattress from Hypnos.

Enjoy the Accents Everywhere You Can

Modern design has always been subtle with its use of colour. To stay faithful to the style, you use a palette mainly made up of greys, whites, creams, blacks, browns, and tans. Then, for a unique touch, you add an occasional splash of something bright but soft. Those are the accents that really make every shade you’ve used stand out and shine. This year, accents are bigger than ever. Neutrals still reign supreme, as is tradition in the look, but accents have become a must. They’re no longer a lampshade or picture frame here and there; now, you can have an entire wall in cherry blossom pink, if that’s your fancy. Big pieces like carpets, chairs, and nightstands now carry the accent colours.

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For the best match, choose accent colours that are bright but not loud. For instance, you’re better off with olive green than with jade. Pale blue is better than baby blue. Lilac works more than lavender. Have fun with it!

Eccentric Geometrics

Modern style has always been just a little at odds with curving lines. Typically, you’ll find them used the same way accent colours are used: sparingly and for a little pop. You can’t really pull off a room made entirely of right angles and sharp turns, but they tend to be more dominant in the style. You’ll often see a tasteful armchair or lamp with a curved, flowing design to break the monotony of the angles, especially in Scandinavian design. However, when it comes to your choice of patterns, geometrics have always been king.

There’s a certain touch of minimalism that comes with Modern style, and this is reflected in the tasteful but subtle choice of patterns.

Geometric patterns present a strong contrast to the much more intricate and extravagant styles favoured during Victorian times. There’s a certain touch of minimalism that comes with Modern style, and this is reflected in the tasteful but subtle choice of patterns. Now, if geometric patterns aren’t really your thing, you’re in luck: This year, certain floral patterns have been worked into the Modern look to create a gorgeous contrast. After all, we’re becoming more sustainable, and with that, we’re returning to more natural touches. As long as you have a soothing, straightforward floral pattern that doesn’t overpower the rest of the room, you’re still doing the Modern look justice.

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