7 Underground Homes That Everyone Else Would  Wish to See

While most people love spending their vacations in luxurious homes, some would prefer to stay in underground homes. But what are underground homes really?

These are alternatives to above-ground homes for those aspiring to impact an eco-friendly environment and relax your senses. Such include the caves, earth berm, rammed earth, culvert, tunnels, shaft, among others.

An underground adobe hut in the desert.

If you’ve never visited one before, perhaps you may want to consider spending your vacation in one of these unique underground homes we’re about to show you.

These places are deep into the ground, and that’s precisely what makes them tourist attractions across the world. Why not pay a visit to any of them? I bet you’re going to have a luxurious experience.

Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World

An underground house with a green roof.

1. Hobbiton, New Zealand

If you’re a movie enthusiast, then you’ll surely love this. This is one of the places that filmed the famous movie sagas Lord Of The Rings. Meanwhile, the movie stars built Hobbiton to set their scene, and afterwards, they left it to serve as a tourist attraction site.

2. Domus Civita Underground homes, Italy 

Domus Civita is an ancient structure located above the Etruscan caves and tombs. From the inside, you’ll find an elegant Roman water cistern telescoping onto an attractive garden through the cliff. The Roman cistern is 2000 years of age while the Etruscan caves are 2600 years old.

3. Hillside Underground Home, Switzerland

Just as the name suggests, this structure stands directly in the Vals hillside, Switzerland. Christian Muller Architects designed the home and named it Villa Vals. When heading towards the famous bath of Vals, this home is a walking distance.

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4. Dune House, Atlantic Beach 

Dune House is another fantastic home located in Atlantic Beach, Florida. These structures are firmly built near-identical homes, measuring 750 square ft by 69.7 square metres each. The design is by architect William Morgan to serve as vacation rentals.

His undying love for nature forced him to retain the natural landscape, preventing the new building from blocking the ocean view. Since he was residing right next door, the only solution left was to bury his house in an existing dune so that it is barely seen above the ground.

5. Outrial House, Poland 

This is a typical definition of traditional houses. It is a thatched house designed by the KWK PROMES Architects in Poland. These structures are traditional, but the fact that they are surrounded by top-notch scenery makes it a standout attraction site.

6. Bolton Eco Underground Homes

An aerial view of an underground circular building in the middle of a field.

If you’re an environmentalist, you’ll probably fall in love with the Bolton Eco House. It is the best zero-carbon structure you’ll find in the North West of England. Most people refer to it as the house of the future.

7. Dietikon Underground home, Switzerland

Again, Dietikon is a fantastic home located in Switzerland, which is among the top five largest cities of Zurich. It takes an integral part of the Zurich metropolitan area.


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