3 Strategies for Making Your Workplace More Energy Efficient

Many people are making efforts to lead a more energy efficient life at home. People will often reduce their usage, switch to efficient appliances and check electricity rates to make sure they are doing all they can to both help the environment and save money.

However, the energy efficiency of your home isn’t the only place you should be worried about. Workplaces and offices all over the world are looking for ways to reduce their energy usage. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are some strategies you can employ at your workplace, and this article is going to go over a few of them.

Make the Switch to Laptops

Two people collaborating in a workplace setting using laptops.

While many offices are lined with desktop computers, it will be much more efficient if you make the switch to laptops. In fact, laptops use about 80% less electricity than desktops will generally use. Many are also more affordable to purchase in the first place, to contribute to even more cost savings.

Smaller screen sizes will also use less energy, but if you go too small it can be difficult for employees to use the computers, so be careful. Also, ensure the energy-saving features are being used on all computers, too. You should also use a hibernation or sleep feature, so that the computers will enter a low-power mode after a certain period of inactivity.

Laptops are also better for working on the go and can allow for a more fluid workspace, without assigned desks or seating.

Mind Your Heating and Cooling Efforts

A big part of a high-quality workplace is ensuring that it is comfortable for employees. The temperature around the office is certainly a factor of this comfort. You want to ensure it is warm enough when it’s cold outside, and kept cool enough when it’s hot. However, many offices spend too much on heating and cooling. Simply cutting down on the AC or furnace usage can have huge cost savings, and have a very limited impact on the temperature around the office.

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Most days there is no need for a drastic difference between the temperature inside and outside, unless it is very cold or very hot out.

If you want to take things a step further, you could also invest in a programmable thermostat. These will allow you to automatically control the temperature of the office, without having to constantly change it as temperatures change. Some after even smart and will be able to learn your tendencies, and many can be controlled remotely.

Perform an Energy Audit

Another great way to make your business more energy-efficient is to complete an energy audit. This is all about checking the consumption of your office, in order to see how much energy you are actually using. By doing this, you can see where your problem areas are, and work out ways to limit this usage.

An energy audit can also be great for measuring the success of your efforts in regards to energy efficiency. They can help you see if the changes you have made are truly providing benefits or not. You can do this audit on your own in some cases, but there are also companies that can help you out with them.

This audit can also be a great chance to get employees on board and talk to them about the benefits of energy efficiency and how it can help push the company forward.

In conclusion, we hope that the tips included in this blog post have been able to help you learn how to make your workplace more efficient.

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