Homes In Paradise

A pool with fire pits and patio furniture in Homes In Paradise.
A gazebo pool in a paradise backyard.
A luxury shaded balcony for when the sun gets too much (

We all may not live in paradise, but there’s certainly no harm in taking a peek into how the other half live from time to time. There’s something therapeutic about taking a look at the homes of the rich and famous, to inspire our dreams and wish lists if money were no object for us.

We’re going to look at some of the most beautiful homes and gardens, out of curiosity but also for inspiration. What elements of these homes can you recreate in your own beautiful, although more modest, family home?

A swing bed on a porch overlooking the ocean in paradise.
Homes by the sea are popular for their calming and relaxing charm (

This modest decking area can be recreated in any home. You may not have the same beach backdrop, but you can create your own relaxing and calming outdoor area with swinging chair and comfortable seating.

A luxurious beachfront estate at dusk.
Walk out the door to dip your toes in the ocean (

Whether it’s beachside or poolside, water is a common theme in luxury homes, especially in warmer climates where outdoor swimming is an occasion for entertaining and cooling off.

A serene pool with a relaxing hammock nestled in the middle, creating a paradise-like setting.
Hammocks and overgrown trees add a bohemian edge to a luxury home (
Homes in Paradise featuring a pool with lounge chairs and a palm tree.
Contemporary white shade for cooling and calming (

To create an outdoor swimming area that’s perfect for both entertainment and relaxation, it can’t be complete without a shaded poolside area, which gives a space for you or your guests to escape the sun. Even without the pool, a shaded patio can add an entirely new dimension to your garden.

A waterfront gazebo featuring a hot tub.
Large garden with lots of air and space can be the most relaxing thing (
A pool in front of a house with palm trees in paradise.
Informal seating area within a pool is ideal for summer entertaining (

The common theme with all of these luxury paradise homes is their relaxing and calming atmosphere. You might not have the resource to create the same level of luxury, but you can recreate the feeling of escapism and relaxation by dedicating one space in your garden to sleeping, reading, and relaxing alone.

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Luxury homes in paradise.
A small break in a luxury hotel can be an alternative to dreaming about your paradise home (

If these homes are achievable in your dreams only, take yourself away for a short break and let yourself enjoy huge amounts of luxury, if only for a short period of time.

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