Garden Gates Make a Grand Entrance

An archway makes a grand entrance into a lush green garden.

Why have a standard gate into your garden when you can choose something that truly stands out and welcomes guests to your yard with style?  Garden gates can be wood, iron, stone or any combination thereof.  From classic styles to unique custom creations, a garden gate is a notable feature for your outdoor space.

A garden gate adds charm to the entrance.
Pretty rustic garden gate (canadiangardening)
A grand entrance into a garden through a white gate.
A pretty garden gate makes an entrance appealing (gracefulgate)
A grand entrance - a blue wrought iron gate in a garden.
Iron scrollwork garden gate (pinterest)
A house with a stone wall and a wooden fence adorned with garden gates to make a grand entrance.
A modern wood gate opens within a stone fence (Pinterest)

Wood gates are the standard traditional way to construct an entrance into the garden.  Gates are integrated into the fencing of a yard and flow nicely with the overall design.  Try adding extra elements, such as panels, columns and interesting hardware to make yours unique.

Here are some garden design tips when using wood gates:

  • Wood gates strike a perfect balance if you have stone statues and lawn ornaments, such as statues of swans, geese, and mushrooms. Wood is a perfect material that can be matched with any softscape or hardscape garden element.
  • Wood gates are your best option if you also have wood fence, such as pallet fence. You can have your family name carved on solid wood gates for a more customized look.
  • Wood gates are highly recommended in areas with less rain and snow because these elements may cause a wood gate to wear easily.
  • Make sure to install wood gates deeply to avoid water penetration, rot, and pest infestation. It’s a good idea to mix cement on the base to protect the wood gate from harsh soil elements that may cause damage.
A wooden fence with a wooden gate, making a grand entrance.
Traditional wood garden gate (kregjig-ning)
A garden with flowers and a white picket fence.
Classic white garden gate (cnjtc)
A wooden garden gate with flower pots in front, making a grand entrance.
Wood garden gate with pretty trim (
A wooden garden gate with flowers.
Pretty curved wood garden gate (

Iron garden gates make a stylish statement.  They can be hand-forged for a new custom look or you can repurpose old gates available at salvage yards.  Either way, an iron gate is more for decoration than privacy, but they can be very sturdy and make for a grand entrance into the garden area.

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The following tips apply when installing iron garden gates to improve your home’s curb appeal:

  • Custom iron gates bring out your personality, which should match your overall home exterior and interior design.
  • Custom iron gates painted with gold or silver are classy and elegant for a beautiful garden. Make your garden a comfortable and safe place to unwind, as well as one that can even hold small parties.
  • Have your family name or initials designed in iron garden gates for a more personalized look.
  • Regularly check for rust formation so you can apply a sealant and lubrication on the iron gate as needed.
A wrought iron garden gate is a grand entrance.
Wonderful iron garden gate (blog-designpublic)
Garden with a wrought iron gate and flowers.
Flowing iron garden gate design (bighornforge.wordpress)
An old wrought iron gate makes a grand entrance to a house.
Traditional iron garden gate (architectureartdesigns)
A garden gate adorned with flowers makes a grand entrance.
Pretty floral iron gate design (forum-xcitefun)
A grand metal gate in a garden with a pond.
Uniquely designed iron gate (kauaigems)

Stone garden gates are not so much gates as arches that lead into your outdoor space.  Generally a component for an iron or wood gate, stone structures can be quite unique.  Curved and covered with vines and plants, they appear to be a natural element of the landscape.

Check the following garden design tips when using stone garden gates:

  • Stone garden gates perfectly complement water features and elements, such as garden ponds and pools.
  • Stone garden gates are highly suitable for greenhouse areas, where you can grow fruit-bearing plants, vegetables, and other crops. 
  • Stone garden gates also complement flowering plants, such as roses, daisies, and other colorful plants.
A garden with a grand stone archway and lush bushes.
A stone garden surround (pixgood)
An enchanting stone archway nestled in a tranquil wooded area.
Stone surround makes an impressive garden entrance (matemolivares.blogia)
A grand stone gate in a garden.
A rock wall surrounds a gate for a lovely garden entrance (susancohangardens)

You can create smaller versions of garden gates within your backyard to divide space and add a charming touch to the space.  Using doors, recycled iron gates or stones to fashion a gate is one way to achieve the secret garden appeal.

A wooden gazebo nestled in a lush wooded area.
A gateway to different heights in the garden (canadiangardening21)
A wooden lattice garden gate.
A pergola with a gate can be placed anywhere in the garden (countrysidewoodcrafts)
A wooden garden gate.
A charming roughhewn garden gate (flickr)

A garden gate adds structure and interest to the yard.  Whether you choose to include a grand iron gate or simply enhance a standard wood gate integrated into fencing, remember that this a great feature for your home.  Front yard or back, at the entrance or within a garden, garden gates are the perfect garden accompaniment.

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