7 Unusual Water Garden Ideas For a Nature-inspired Outdoor

A tropical house with a pool and palm trees, perfect for a water garden idea.

A pond and water garden in your backyard is an epitome of natural magnificence.

It can also multitask as the perfect spot for when you need pin-drop silence from human-made noises- and yearn for natural sounds like the rippling of water and chirping of birds. Whether you work in a busy office of car accident lawyers or need to make your home office more peaceful, a water garden could be a great addition to your space.

A water garden surrounded by rocks showcasing a fountain.                 A tranquil water garden with a serene pond and beautiful waterfall.

Not many of us have the privilege of a natural water source near our apartments. But you can always install one that satisfies your needs, space, and craving for the aqua life.

All you need to do is think outside the box, use what you have, and follow your heart.

5 Key Tips to an Outdoor Water Garden

A group of water bowls for a garden.

Any pond looks “good” on a lawn, but you want more than good looks for your dream home. So you want to build a well-thought-out backyard pond and garden with the following in mind.

Water garden with a waterfall centerpiece.

  1. Blend with landscaping: A pond or fountain can be meaningless in a cluttered backyard. Creative outdoor landscaping can make your water-source stand out.
  2. Make it more functional: Add furniture to your pond side to create a comfortable space where you can enjoy the beauty of your water-source and bond with your fishes.
  3. Keep it fresh and plenty: Plan on how to keep your pond clean and full of water (all the time) to maintain a healthy ecosystem for your aquatic life.
  4. Separate or blend your garden and pond: You can either add water plants to your pond or build a freestanding accessorized pond in your lawn.
  5. Use what you have: Build according to your space, design, preferences and of course, your budget
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Koi fish swimming in a water garden.

A small water garden in the middle of a garden.

And lastly, build a solar-powered watering mechanism to maintain freshwater and run an eco-friendly (and nature-driven) outdoor pond.

7 Creative Water Garden Ideas

A water garden with plants surrounding a pond.

The following water garden ideas will inspire you to create your own. Choose wisely, and feel free to mix one idea with another.

1. Arrange tall and short water plants all over a pond. 

A water garden idea featuring a serene koi pond.

Water garden with a gazebo and pond.

Plants that do well in water are an intelligent choice because you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

So if all you want is water and elements of green, then secluding a pond area with stones are adding water plants is the right way to go.

Choose different plant sizes, from those that submerge to those that stand above water to create a beautiful space. If you like, add a centrally-placed accessory, like a statue or fountain, to break the monotony.

2. Incorporate furniture to add function. 

A water garden with patio furniture.

A water garden featuring a pond and gazebo.

A sitting area beside your pond is almost a must-do if you cherish the luxury of owning a pond.

Your water garden is more than a beautiful natural scenery. Add comfortable seating and a table to transform your water garden into a cozy area where you can relax and have fun with friends and family.

3. Fully furnished water garden room, with furniture and a fireplace 

A modern outdoor living area with a fireplace and a water feature, perfect for an inspiring water garden idea.

A wooden deck with a water garden idea in the middle.

An outdoor room (that gives a clear view of the pond and garden) is the right choice if you have ample space to tidy up with landscaping and decoration.

Add seating and tables to make it a private area where you can host visitors and a fireplace to warm up your water garden even during cold seasons.

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4. Flower pond and garden along the wall. 

A water garden with a gazebo.

A water garden with colorful flowers.

Building a flower pond along your wall is another standard that won’t disappoint you. This design can help create a sense of continuity if incorporated into a glasshouse.

If you like, add greens around the water-source, hang them on your walls or add water plants.

5. Tap into the architecture paradigm

A water garden idea featuring a unique fountain made from wine bottles and rocks.

A water garden with lilies in the middle.

Add elements of architecture into you’re your pool design. This can blend well with existing shapes and designs, especially if geometric patterns dominate your apartment.

6. The Stepped up water garden 

A modern water garden with steps.

Two water fountains in the middle of a garden.

Building a water garden that flows from top to bottom is another way to add flora and aqua to your home design.

A stepped-up pond garden allows water to flow naturally from one segment to another, producing the rippling sound of water and a fountain-like scenery.

Hanging flowers and greens blend well and stand conspicuously in a stepped-up area, turning your outdoor into an attractive nature-inspired setting.

7. A Hanging Flower Pond 

A water garden idea featuring a small pond adorned with plants and flowers.

A group of dolphins in a water garden.

Looking to diverge from the usual water garden ideas? Well, why not extend a creative hanging pond from your wall. You can also add a fountain or Buddha at the center to make it more noticeable.


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  1. Great article !! A wine barrel cut down the middle makes a dazzling little lake and gives your deck or nursery territory a beautiful rural look. You can discover wine barrels at a ton of swap meets and second hand shops – or a winery on the off chance that you have one close. Just cut it down the middle and afterward add your nursery fundamentals to alter it- it will be great too.

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