What Lies Underfoot: 6 Dining Room Flooring Ideas

If you’ve been exploring dining room flooring ideas then it’s time to strap on your seatbelts for an informative session. Dining rooms matter, maybe more than you imagine. Step into any refectory and the setting will make or break your desire for food.

A little girl laying on a carpet.

What turns out appealing to the eye, and stirs your appetite is the magic of a well-thought-out dining room decoration.

Everything matters, from the table arrangement, to the wall décor, the furniture you sit on and whatever you step on underfoot.

Flooring is an equally important aspect of dining room design because not all floors will fit your space, theme or preferences.

What to Consider When Installing Dining Room Flooring

Dining rooms go way back, and the best flooring for you depends on whether you choose to go antique, art-and-craft, modern, ultramodern or blend any of these options.

A kitchen with wood flooring.

Your theme should dictate the type of flooring you install. Other factors to consider include;

  • Ease of cleaning. Consider an easy-to-clean option if food spills are a problem in your home. E.g. if you have kids.
  • Your Preferences. Of course, you can’t ignore your personal taste when exploring dining room flooring ideas.
  • Color. Does the floor color harmonize or contrast perfectly with your existing theme.
  • Material. Which material do you like and does it blend well with your interior?

That said, let’s see how far you can go when it comes to dining room flooring ideas.

5 Dining Room Flooring Ideas to Consider

1. Tile

Tiles are a versatile classic, and can fit into many dining designs. They are particularly perfect for hot areas or outdoor dining rooms but can also look gorgeous indoors.

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You’ll also find them easier to clean than many other options which makes them the perfect choice if your home is prone to food spills.

Furthermore, they offer variety when it comes to color and types, so you can never run out of options.

2. Hardwood

A wood-floored living room with a coffee table.

If antique is the dominant theme in your dining room then a hardwood floor is a classic way to wrap it up.

Again, you can explore the many different hues and textures depending on your preferences. It can also suffice when there’s the need for speed because a quick simple installation gives remarkable results.

Lastly, hardwoods can stand the test of time. All you have to do is some refinishing and get back that brand new look.

3. Laminate Flooring

A man cleaning the flooring in a restaurant's dining room.

Laminate floors can suffice if you love the hardwood look but can’t afford it or don’t like the idea of wood.

These floors resemble wood and come in different designs and hues. Laminate is a better option if you want a moisture-resistant and easy-to-maintain floor.

4. Stain & water resistant carpets

A regular carpet can work for you but that will mean frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Nevertheless, don’t worry if a carpet is all you want. You can install these modern stain-and-water resistant versions to achieve that gorgeous design you desire.

5. Add a Rug to spice it up!

Rugs are an excellent touch to any of the above dining room flooring ideas. They come in different colors and designs. And the good thing, you don’t have to worry about stains because you can place them strategically, away from spills.

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