Landscape Design Ideas for Blissful Backyard Getaways

A blissful backyard with a fire pit.

If you enjoy your backyard but think it could be better, it can! With the myriad of landscape design ideas available today, you can create your own blissful backyard getaway. 

Plan for a Pergola

Many backyards have shady areas but perhaps you want one that specifically gives you a place to relax and read your current novel or sit and chat with friends who drop by. A pergola could be just the solution you need to deliver both shady seating and a cover from the elements. 

A pergola can be designed with beams overhead or a complete roof cover. The beams can allow more sunlight to filter through, and they could provide a spot for blooming vines to climb and intertwine to form a flowery canopy, while a traditional roof can keep out the elements better. 

If you decide on an open covering, the traditional weighty wooden beams could fit well in the landscape, but you might want to have a more contemporary take on the cross-slats and choose galvanized pipes or wire. A covered pergola doesn’t necessarily have to be made of traditional roof materials—you could use shake shingles, clay shingles, or even metal roofing. Add comfortable furniture underneath or a hanging bed and you have a backyard getaway that is truly an oasis.

Set Up Your Own Private Getaway

For an unconventional backyard getaway, consider a tree house. Not only can a tree house be decked out with the latest technology, but it can be designed only for the adults! A tree house constructed today can function like an outdoor living room to watch your favorite teams play, or it can be the place where you unwind after a hectic week with your favorite drink. 

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A blissful outdoor living area with a wooden deck and lighting.

It can be as rustic as you like or as filled with modern conveniences as your home—you choose. While a tree house is traditionally built in a tree, you could have yours constructed on a platform with steps leading to the entry. 

Incorporate Water Into the Design

Another wonderful backyard addition for bringing more peace and joy to your backyard area can be a water feature. There is a water feature for any size yard, from a small courtyard wedged on the side or back of your home to a complete stream spilling into a pond beneath. It can be a simple water wall that becomes part of a privacy wall or as elaborate as a dramatic waterfall that is a true focal point of the landscape. 

Studies have shown that adding a water feature can improve your health by reducing stress and tension. Just being near the sounds of water can have a calming effect on blood pressure and anxiety. In addition, water features can draw wildlife into your backyard because birds, bees, and butterflies all need water. Imagine how delightful it could be to relax by your water feature to enjoy the sounds of the splashing water and to watch the birds visit. 

Install a Fire Feature

You don’t have to stop with just a water feature as water and fire features naturally go together. From a firepit to an outdoor fireplace, a fire feature can bring warmth and ambiance to your backyard for enjoyment to all ages. Everyone loves to roast marshmallows and eat sticky s’mores, and you could do that any time you wish with a fire feature. Such features offer a relaxing and natural gathering place to catch up with those you love. 

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