Finding the top Lawn Service in Piedmont

A close up of green grass.

The air is crisp, the sun is thinking about rising slowly and the birds are rubbing their eyes as they prepare for the day ahead. You sit on the porch with a steaming hot cup of coffee, close your eyes and breathe it all in. It looks like it’s going to be a scorcher of a day, kids will be in the garden and you’ll fire up the BBQ.

But first things first, a run around the garden with the old cutter should do the trick to keep it in decent shape. 

While you aren’t usually the person who does the lawn, you see a few blades going rogue and trying to do their own thing. You haven’t been paying for a professional garden service all this time just to have these sprouts popping up all over ruining the scene.

The company who tends to your beautifully manicured lawn areas and garden patches do a much more eloquent job than you ever could, efficient in their service and no job is too big or small for them. Being one of their happy satisfied customers for many years now, you can recommend them and their services to anyone who needs it.

What to look for in a garden service.

When it comes to knowing who to choose and which is best, the ultimate recommendation would be that of friends and family, a reputable company they have used and are happy with. Enough so that they would pass on their details to all who ask. 

You would like a company that offers a variety and an extensive amount of services, from trees to bushes to fine trimming the grass, a service tailored to each section of the house. Make sure you chat to them about what you are looking for, your needs and ensure they can deliver it else you’ll be disappointed at the outcome of what you thought they had expertise in.

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Another factor and one that people tend to overlook is that of checking whether the company is licensed and insured. Should any accidents happen while they are on your property they are insured and covered, the last thing you want is to be paying for an accident out of your pocket because you were drawn into their discounted rates at the beginning.

And lastly, and essentially a no brainer, look into more than one company. Don’t just go with the first result from a google search. 

Compare quotes and prices, weigh up the services offered and read the customer reviews on their website for an in-depth look at the service you can expect. Read this article for a better understanding and see some advice on what to look for and ask. 

A lawn mower on the grass.

5 Benefits of Using a garden service.


It adds to the overall look of the place and increases the value of the property. Besides, we all like living in a pretty house don’t we?



They have the expertise so you know you are in good hands when it comes to the best care for your garden and hedges. You won’t have to splurge on specialized equipment, the company will have industrial versions that can do the job right the first time around, every time.


They can design the best look for the area you have and advise you on the shape that is suited to a specific section. They will prune and trim the shrubbery so you have a constant neatness to your home’s garden.

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Essentially it has the same concept as having your hair trimmed, the more you trim, the stronger and healthier it gets. Promoting the growth in the grass blades allows them to get thicker and lusher, perfect for little feet to run around on.


This is a luxury we can’t buy more of, can’t slow down or prevent from slipping away. Having someone take care of the garden gives you that space to hang out with the kids, go for a walk with them and make memories you can’t put a price on.


It may seem like an unnecessary luxury to some to hire in a professional gardening service, but until you’ve had the privilege of seeing the job done and the amazing results you will struggle to understand. 

My husband and I used to run a pub and it had a massive back garden with a kids’ play area and thick wooden tables scattered all down the wall. Both of us, besides not having any time to devote to the upkeep of such a mammoth task, we also had no clue about where to start in trying to look after a garden.

Having a team come in and sort it all out for us was the best decision we ever made. The hedges were always neat and pristine, there were no low-hanging dangerous tree branches that kids could run into and there wasn’t a twig in sight on the grass. This made it a great venue for families who could enjoy the sun while the kids played safely a few meters away.

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A well-maintained backyard with a neatly trimmed lawn and white fence.

Garden Maintenance

Yes, the trimming, cutting, and pruning are all part of the package, but there are finer details as well that go into the upkeep and maintaining of the garden. Ensuring that the right fertilizer or compost is used, anti-weed sprays added to the grass and pest control to ensure no surprises pop up of unwanted foxes or moles.

It would be a shame to see your lovely green expanse suddenly filled with sand mounds where a mole has decided to see daylight. Ensure that the company you go with has these features and facilities available to offer this service. The more the merrier I like to say.

As someone who is in the process of finishing building a home, I can’t wait till we can sit on the patio on hot summer nights, chilled wine on the table and ambient lighting shining through the picture-perfect manicured garden.

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