The 3 Most Important Tips for When You Move

A room filled with boxes ready for moving.

The moving process – nobody likes it, everybody has to do it and it involves a lot of work on both sides. If you are the person wanting to sell something, you have to present your home in a way that will make others want it and agree with whatever price you have in mind. 

If you’re moving, you have to clean and clear the place, you have to move, unpack and make sure you’ve cleaned the new place as well before you start decorating to your wishes. After all this work, you won’t want to move anytime soon and often you’ll wish for the new home to be different from the old one.

This is why we prepared for you this interesting article in which we will go through several moments you’ll have when moving and what you can learn from them, how you should act in certain situations and so on in order to make your new home perfect from the get-go.

Don’t take everything with you

Some of the things you plan on packing and carrying with you to the new place should stay behind. Once you start packing, you’ll realize you have more things than you thought initially and that some of them are rather useless and you are just used to having them as opposed to actually using them.

Packing and moving those things is not only a waste of energy and effort but also of time and money. Clear out the clutter in your home and make it look fresher! Start this some two months ahead, as getting rid of old things as you are moving is much more difficult! Take each room and start making some decisions.

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Not everything fits

Some pieces of furniture from your old place are not going to fit very well or at all in your new home. Either the style or the scale of these pieces isn’t going to always work with the new place. Start selling the ones that may pose a problem and with the money you got, you can buy the new things you need.

It is recommended that your main pieces of furniture should have a classic style with neutral colors and if it’s modular, even better! Check sofas and sectionals which you’ll be able to separate into other, smaller pieces or that you can expand into bigger ones whenever you need to.

After you’ve moved in, you can add the much-needed color to your furniture with some accent pieces that are more colorful – this way, you’ll also create a very pleasant contrast. After all, it’s easier and cheaper to add a modern pillow to your living room than replace the whole sofa because it doesn’t go with the overall style.

Heavy furniture should be avoided

In the past, heavy furniture meant quality. These days, things have changed as materials and the process of making furniture have changed as well, evolving into lightweight pieces that are now just as durable as the old ones. Do you really want to carry a heavy closet up the stairs?

In order to avoid such problems, think about the weight the furniture is going to have before you buy it. Check for various pieces that are lightweight, but very well constructed. You can also buy furniture that can be broken down easily so you’ll save money when you move.

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Follow these three steps the next time you have to move and you’ll notice the whole activity going much smoother than your previous experiences have taught you moving can be.

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