How To Choose And Install A Porch Swing

A porch swing made of white wood.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, incorporating porch swings is a perfect idea.

It’s available in different sizes, materials, and designs, you can be assured there’ll always be a porch swing that’ll match your home décor or depending on your personal preferences or unique needs.

You can keep on reading to learn how to choose and install the most ideal porch swing for your home.

Choosing A Porch Swing Perfect For Your Home

With the different types of porch swing available in the market, it can be both confusing and challenging to find the perfect one for your needs. To make the selection process easier for you, keep the following things in mind:

Safety And Comfort

As with other furniture, a good way to determine the comfortability of a porch swing is to test it out. Remember it’s something you’ll be lounging on for a long time, so you might want something that’s not hard on your back.

Since comfort brings safety, you might want to choose a porch swing that’ll let you relax without worrying. With a safe swing, you’ll no longer worry whether or not the support or the chains will be able to carry your weight. If possible, ask the seller regarding the weight capacity of your preferred porch swing.

If your roof can’t support any additional weight, you might like to ask for some options. You can consider smaller porch swings that can accommodate one person. You may also choose porch swings with stands, so you won’t need to look for a suitable area where you can hang them.

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Your porch swing’s style will add vitality to your house and make your outdoor space pop. You may also opt for a wood and firm porch swing that’s hung by chains. A big porch swing bed with cushy pillows and a bottom that’s hung by ropes can be a good idea too.

If you want something luxurious, choose the porch swings with designer pillows and elegant woven patterns. The choice is always yours. Just take note of what you want and whether that’s comfort, style, or somewhere in the middle.


You might like to have enough space for your porch swing to move back and forth. Your space doesn’t need to be big, but it must be enough to move gently. Keep your porch swing’s back clear, so you won’t break anything or get hit. If your space allows, place things by the side and keep your porch swing simple by placing other details to make it your focal point.


Never just pick the first porch swing that looks beautiful. Save yourself money and time by assessing your options and decide what materials are ideal for your setting. Every kind of material has its pros and cons when it comes to durability, aesthetic, and cost. More often than not, below are the materials that most people opt for when it comes to porch swings:


It’s expensive, but provides a more authentic look and feel. While it’s durable, once left to the onslaught of sun and rain exposure, your hardwood porch swing will develop discoloration, rot, and mold. If you’re planning to place your porch swing somewhere that’s not protected by a roof, reconsider a plan that will protect your swing.

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It looks fantastic and easy to care for. It’s also suitable for contemporary and traditional environments. Plus, this lightweight material can be upgraded to a resin wicker that provides extra protection. Resin won’t break or chip and protects against fading from too much exposure from sunlight.


Usually cheaper than its hardwood counterparts, a porch swing made from metal comes in all sorts of stylish designs. Like hardwood swings, the metal ones may also suffer from sun and raid damage by discoloration and developing rust. Luckily, there are sprays or coatings you can use to reduce such damages.

Recycled Plastic

It’s very durable and good for places where summer brings high heat and winter is harsh. Unlike real wood wicker, it has polymer materials with similar textures and can withstand years of changing weather.

A porch swing.

How To Install A Porch Swing Properly

If for instance, you’ve already chosen the perfect summer porch swing for your home, the next thing you should consider is the installation process. Depending on your chosen porch swing, it often comes with a user’s manual that includes an instruction for proper installation. Follow the instructions carefully and use the right tools for a successful installation.

Below are the other tips to install a porch swing properly:

  • Attach your porch swing hooks. The exact location where you want to attach the swing hook may depend on the design of your chosen porch swing. 
  • Drill screw-eyes into your unfinished porch ceiling. A screw-eye is basically a metal loop. Once you install screw eyes, you’ll loop the chain or rope attached to your swing’s arms. Drive the screw-eyes into the thick beam or joist at the area where you want to place your porch swing.
  • Use eye bolts in your home with finished ceilings. In properties with a finished porch ceiling, you might not be able to use screw-eyes. But rather, you’ll use eyebolts. Cut the part of the roof above your porch swings to access the beams and joists that may support the eye-screws.
  • Hang your porch swing. Connect a chain or a rope to the swing hook and loop it up through the screw-eye or eye bolt on the porch swing’s ceiling. Then, don’t forget to connect the end part of your chain or rope to another swing hook of your swing. If your porch swing is quite heavy, it’s best to ask for assistance when lifting your porch swing before you decide to attach it to your ceiling. 
  • Attach some comfort springs. For a better porch swing experience, attach the comfort springs to every screw-eye or eye bolt and attach your chain to your comfort spring. A comfort spring offers a little bounce on your porch swing.
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Choosing and installing a porch swing doesn’t have to be difficult. By remembering the above tips, you can be assured you’ll avoid the hassle and experience only convenience in picking and installing a porch swing. If you’re still confused with the options and installation process, it’s still best to let experts help you.

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