6 Reasons To Hire A Skip Bin After Reconstructing Your Garden 

A group of trash cans in a reconstructed garden.

Doing garden work isn’t an easy task that you can just do within a day. Apart from making sure that your plants are always in their best condition, you need to consider your garden’s overall appearance. If you’re not satisfied with your yard’s current look, or you’d want to give it a fresh update, reconstructing would be a great idea.  

Reconstructing your garden would involve rearranging your plants into places where they’re more appropriate and pleasing to the eyes. You need to consider where to place your pond, waterfall, or fountain where they can get the most attention they deserve. You also need to find the perfect spot for your outdoor furniture where it’ll get enough shade and still not be completely hidden. With that, you can expect to be throwing away plenty of stuff. 

Garden reconstructing is a messy job, and you need to prepare for it. After all the work, you need to throw away the aftermath, the rubbish, properly. Thus, you’d need skip bins.  

Using skip bins is one of the ways you can remove a large amount of waste from your home effortlessly. You can throw anything that you wish to throw out. Just ensure that you look for the best service in town or search “skip bin hire brisbane” to get good results.  

Moreover, listed below are the reasons you should hire a skip bin when you’re reconstructing your garden:  

A Cheaper Alternative

Apart from hiring a skip bin, a rubbish removal service is famous for providing convenience and ease of use. While it can be a popular choice when it comes to disposing of a large amount of waste, it can be costly as well, especially the same-day service. 

A rubbish removal service is expensive because the workers carry the load to their trucks for you. They can instantly remove any trash away from your house. As reconstructing your garden requires days to weeks of work, hiring a skip bin would be the best choice because you can use the bin until you’re done filling it up.  

What makes a skip bin a cheaper alternative is that you’d be loading the trash to the container by yourself. You have to carry everything from your garden down to your skip bin attachment. However, if you’re having trouble moving from far distances, mobile skip bins will prove more helpful as you can bring the container with you.  

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When you hire a skip bin, the company would be dropping off the container into your yard and will pick it up once you inform them that it’s ready.  

With a skip bin resting in your house for days, you can treat it as your large trash bin in which you can easily throw anything you want. If you’re too worried about your outdoor furniture’s size as your local garbage collector won’t pick it up, worry not. If it fits in the skip bin, you can throw it out.  

Having a skip bin in your yard allows you to conveniently throw everything that you don’t need in your garden as you reconstruct. You can just simply place wastes in the bin and wait for the skip bin company to pick them up, and you don’t have anything to worry about. You can have all the convenience that you need.  


Who doesn’t want to take part in helping to save the environment? While the world can be challenging to protect, everyone must look for ways to save it, starting with small and simple steps.  

The amount of rubbish that people put into the landfill is endless. Each day, more wastes are being added to the dump, harming the environment. Coffee consumption alone can do a lot of damage. You’d be surprised how much people love coffee. Coffee cup waste statistics Australia gives us an idea how much rubbish goes to the landfill with every finished cup. 

As there’ll always be rubbish to be thrown out each day, you might want to do your part so you wouldn’t add too much waste to the landfill. When you hire a skip bin, the company would be sorting your trash and will try to recycle as much as it can: plastics, paper, wood, metal, and electronics. With a skip bin, reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill can help in saving the environment.  

Before you book for a skip bin, you should research on the company and ask how it handles rubbish and where the company sends these to. Ideally, it should be recycling everything that it can collect to reduce landfill waste.  

Can Handle Various Kinds of Trash

A skip bin doesn’t only handle your usual household garbage, such as large furniture and appliance, but can also accommodate garden waste. 

As you’re reconstructing your garden, you can expect to throw away plenty of garden wastes, including weeds, tree branches, excess grass, and other rotten plants. With regular garbage collection, you don’t expect the collectors to bring your garden waste to good use as it goes straight to the dump. With a skip bin, the company will handle your garden wastes properly.  

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 When you hire a skip bin, you can avoid any complications and issues as the company can accommodate your trash and put it to good use.  

Promotes Cleanliness and A Healthy Environment

Reconstructing your garden would result in creating plenty of rubbish on your yard. When you don’t have enough space to throw out your trash, it could pile up at a corner of your yard, inviting pests and insects to your home.  

A skip bin allows you to have a proper and decent place to throw your trash away, promoting cleanliness and a healthy environment. With a skip bin, your trash will be in one place, so you don’t have to worry about your yard being untidy, leaving you prone to infection and disease.  

When you don’t practice proper waste disposal in your home, disease-carrying mosquitoes or insects could visit your home and could infect your family and your neighborhood. To keep everyone safe, you should hire a skip bin and allow your rubbish to sit in a single place.  

A reconstructed garbage bin in a garden.

Additional Work Area

As you reconstruct your garden, you probably know how much space you need to allow yourself to work better. When you have enough space, work would be easier.  

If you don’t hire a skip bin and you just decide to dump your rubbish into a corner of your household, anticipate that you’ll have one corner less for your yard activities, giving you a limited space to move around in. With a skip bin, you can keep your rubbish in a single spot to maximise your garden space and do your crafts and reconstruction.   

How To Look For The Perfect Skip Bin Service 

As you’re already aware of how hiring a skip bin would be beneficial for your garden reconstruction, you need to look for the perfect skip bin company which could provide the best service that you need. While there are many skip bin services that you can see on the Internet, you must know that companies aren’t the same. You need to be sure that they provide high-quality service and, at the same time, excellent customer support. 

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Moreover, listed below are the tips on how you can look for the best skip bin for your garden reconstruction:  

Know What the Company Accepts

As you’re reconstructing your garden, you can anticipate plenty of rubbish that you need to throw away, especially green wastes. When it comes to skip bins, not every company can accommodate every type of trash. Before you hire one, give the company a ring and ask which kind of rubbish it accepts.

In most cases, a skip bin can handle general rubbish, construction waste, and large furniture. You need to verify if the company can take green wastes, sand, soil, rocks, food wastes, batteries, and other electronics. In that way, you can avoid complications when the skip bin company comes over to your house to pick up its bin.  

Confirm The Bin Sizes

Skip bins don’t come in a single size as there are plenty of choices you could choose from. Apart from the size, you also need to consider its weight capacity. Some skip bins can only accommodate 500kg, while others can carry up to 1000kg even if they’re of the same size. 

To determine which skip bin size would be appropriate for your home, you need to consider how much waste you expect. Usually, you’d only be needing two yards for garden waste. However, if you’re reconstructing and have a large garden that you need to do, you might need a bigger size. If you’re unsure which size to get, you can ask help from the company you’re planning to hire. Or you can go for a big one. That way, you can have more trash space in case you’d like to add more into the skip bin.     

Longevity Of Skip Bins

Unfortunately, you cannot keep your skip bin on your yard for as long as you want. There’ll be a limit on how long you can keep it, which should give you enough time to dispose of your trash immediately.  

Depending on the company you’re going to hire, you can keep a skip bin in your yard for three to seven days. If you need longer days, there might be an additional fee for each succeeding day.  

If you’re expecting that your garden reconstruction will take you more than three days of work, you need to look for a skip bin company that can offer the longest time possible. However, if you’re certain that it’ll take you weeks, you might want to consider hiring a skip bin after you’re done with the reconstruction so that you don’t have to worry about the maximum number of days you can keep a skip bin on your yard.  

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Recycling Policy

Going for a company that helps to save the environment should be the one criterion to hire. Ask the company how it handles your trash and which recycling centre it brings recyclables to.  

A skip bin company must recycle as much as possible as its business is to collect rubbish from different homes or businesses. When a company knows how to handle garbage carefully, it’s doing its business right.  

As you hire an environmentally-friendly skip bin business, you’re taking a step towards protecting the earth in your little way. 

Look for Reviews and Recommendations

No matter how amazing a skip bin service sounds, you still need to ensure that it can truly live up to its promise. Some companies can offer huge discounts and amazing offers, but when you hire them, you might not enjoy their service at all. Some can provide you with a faulty skip bin or even stressful customer service. You’ll never know about it unless you hire them. 

To save you from spending money on poor-quality skip bin companies, you need to look for reviews online. Ideally, you should look for feedback outside of their websites. Use search engines to ger an unbiased review of the company.  

For the best recommendation, you should ask someone you know who hired a skip bin service for his home. In that way, you can have honest feedback about a company’s service. 


Hiring a skip bin is an excellent alternative to a rubbish removal service as it’s cheaper and more convenient with the bin staying on your yard for as long as you need it.  

As you reconstruct your garden, you need to be smart about how you handle your rubbish as, for hygienic purposes, these shouldn’t just be sitting at a corner of your yard. With a skip bin, not only can you immediately throw your trash away, but you can also be environmentally-friendly as the company recycles as best as it can.  

As you’re trying to take your part in saving the environment, reduce your waste to minimise contribution to the landfill. 

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