3 good tips how to use wood in the bathroom

A white bathroom with wooden details and a tub.

Perhaps at first, the thought of wood in the bathroom would be impossible for you. Especially if you are a traditionalist who still believes that wood will suffer under the influence of moisture. But it does not have to be so. There are beautifully treated and impregnated wood that will withstand the temptations of moisture for many years to come.

Learn How To Use Wood

Opt for wood

There are several good reasons for wood in the bathroom – primarily because it is a natural material and brings a touch of nature into otherwise rather cold materials – ceramics, plastics, concrete, marble, and metal. The wood will warm any space and give it a dose of intimacy and serenity.

A collection of pictures showcasing wooden cabinets in a bathroom.
There is no material that will give more warmth to a space like wood, especially if there are cold materials around it that would normally be in the bathroom.

With the addition of greenery and some decorations (vases, jewelry boxes, candles, pebbles, shells), the bathroom can grow into a meditative, relaxing place. We would only advise you to pay attention to the shade of wood you choose. If it is a small bathroom, let it be lighter shades, because dark ones will make it even smaller. Also, if the bathroom doesn’t get a lot of light, dark shades are not the right choice.

Wood as a floor or wall covering

Your bathroom will become a real oasis of peace and warmth if you choose wood as a floor covering. You used to have to research wood materials that react best with water then plan to install spaced wooden slats so that they can spread and shrink due to high humidity. Today, installation is performed with rubber, which is placed between the slats. That way, water does not get caught between or under the slats.

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A collage highlighting the wooden details in a bathroom.
You shouldn’t be afraid to use wood for the floor and walls, as long as it is well treated and protected from moisture

The parquet can work due to the absorption and release of moisture without fear of lifting the flooring. The parquet laid in this way resembles a ship’s deck and gives an unusually warm atmosphere to the bathroom. For the walls, you can use wood panels of a similar tone and type of wood as you used for the floor.

Wooden tub and sink

Wooden bathtubs and sinks are no longer unthinkable. Many design companies produce bathroom furniture in a combination of wood with classic materials already used in the bathroom. Make sure that the quality is outstanding when buying pieces like this.

A bathroom with wooden details including a bathtub and sink.
With these parts of bathroom furniture, it’s especially important that they are of good quality and well protected from moisture

It will probably mean a much higher price, but it will pay off over the years. In addition, some manufacturers may advise you on a certain way of maintaining wooden parts, so be sure to adhere to this so that the wood does not wear out and damage.

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