Using Books as Design Elements


Trying to find a way to showcase or use some of your books that you have laying around? Books can take up lots of space, and if you don’t have the room in your home to store all of them it can be even more of a challenge. If there are some that you are really proud of, then you can use them throughout your home. But how? Home Styler has found some ways that any homeowner can use books as design elements. Just look below for some inspiration ideas!

One option is to use them as focal lighting pieces. These are sure to draw guest’s attention as these lighting pieces are unique and very personalized. You can use books of varying sizes or colors to achieve a chandelier that suits your room and personality.

If a chandelier or hanging light isn’t an endeavor you would like to take on, then perhaps a table lamp may be more of your style. These are simpler to make and you can use any amount of books you deem necessary. If you’d rather a playful or youthful lamp for a children’s room, then use Sr. Seuss books; if you’d rather a sophisticated library, then use classics or antiqued books. Either way the height and “feel” is up to you.

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Besides lighting, books can be used as a means of holding other items. Above are some unique ways that you can use them as shelves or as a “table-shelf” of sorts to showcase another item.

Feel free to use books however you want. Use them as a desk or island, like above, or perhaps in another way that you see fit. No matter what it is sure to turn out well.


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