Awesome Treehouse Designs for your Backyard

A illuminated treehouse showcasing innovative designs.

Treehouses are often thought of as a child’s playroom. With TV shows out likeĀ Treehouse Masters, this view is quickly being shattered. They are proving that treehouses can also be for adult too, and they also don’t have to come in a one-size-fits-all, one-room ‘house’. In fact, when built correctly, they can have multiple rooms and stories, complete with running water and electricity. With a revelation like this, it’s no wonder that adults now want treehouses of their own as an escape or for a fun excuse to relocate their office or gameroom to the outdoors.


Treehouse design with slide and swing.


Of course, this can be simple and low in height to make it perfect for a children’s playroom, which frees up indoor space to be used for other things. At this height, it can have a ladder entry or stair entry to make it accessible for almost anyone. There can be just one room with a possible loft, or a couple of rooms to make it as grandeur as you wish for your children (or yourself).




A forest treehouse with unique designs.





This is also somewhat low off the ground, but has a gradually increasing walkway to enter. A style like this tends to be more for adults who want a simple escape in the woods where they can read or do work.






A tree house with unique designs in the middle of a green field.





Here is a quaint option for a simply rustic yet very usable treehouse. It has an almost fairytale-esque feel to it with the winding staircase and dull colors. This is somewhat larger and can be a place for painting or reading.

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Treehouse designs in the woods.








Here’s one for the true tree-lovers. This can be a weekend retreat in your own backyard or suffice as a place to cook, play games or sleep for a night. It’s a fun atmosphere to take your friends without having to rent out a villa with a hefty price tag.



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