The Ultimate Movie Room

A movie room with couches and a projector screen.

Basement, den, mancave… whatever space you wish to use to create the ultimate movie room, you’ll want to make sure that it has the best layout and accents. Think your children’s old play room is too small? Or maybe your den doesn’t have an extremely high ceiling? Well, no matter what the size or layout of the room you want to use, there is a way you can make it into the ultimate movie room. There are just a few simple tricks as well as some furniture that you can use to make it the way you want to suit your needs.

Seating: First you’ll have to figure out how you want the seating configured. Do you want several rows of chairs/sofas or a giant U-shape of mixed furniture? Do you want pillows on the floor for extra seating?

Bar: Another optional add-on is a bar. This can be placed in the back of the room, to the side or behind the last row of seating. You may even with to add chairs to the bar for additional spaces for guests to sit and enjoy the movie. Bars are also great places to hold for beer and popcorn makers.

Screen: There are several screens you can go for. Perhaps you want the full movie experience and have a TV behind a framed wall and even add curtains. Maybe just a giant TV in a stand that holds all your movies will suffice. You can also opt for a projector. You can adjust the size to make it perfect for your wall.

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Sound: You may choose to sound-proof the walls so that no sound leaks out. You should also place random speakers throughout the room, some near the ceiling and perhaps a few near the ground or sides where people are sitting. There’s also the option for placing mini speakers on some or all of the seats to make the experience more personalized.

Art: Add some decor into the room to further the ambiance. Find old movie posters, images of popcorn, whatever you’d like to finish the movie room.

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  1. The part of your article that mentioned the different ways you can arrange home theater seating made me think about my own theater room project. The last time I had my relatives over for a movie night, we were severely lacking in places for people to sit and about five of us had to end up sitting on the floor. I want to prepare for those packed nights, so I’ll make sure that I talk to a home theater seating contractor and ask them what kind of additional furniture fixtures would help.

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