Why You Should Be an Interior Designer

A house plan with color pencils and a paint brush.

You just finished high school. You did very well. Now, you need to choose a career path. Unfortunately, like everyone else just coming from high school, you’re a bit lost on what’s the best career for you. If you have a way with color and fabrics, you should be an interior designer.

Choosing a career in interior design can be a life-changing decision. For one, interior design is a fascinating profession with competitive salaries. You get to help people create more livable and beautiful interiors. Clients also look up to you to help them get value for money when picking household items such as furniture and carpets.

If you can already feel your heart pumping in excitement, the following are several other reasons why you should be an interior designer.

1. Creativity, imagination, and innovation

The best minds usually want a career that allows them to be at their creative best. You likely want a field that allows you to tap into your knowledge and express your imagination. No field gives you more freedom to express yourself than a career in interior design.

For one, most of your clients will only have a vague image of what they want. They depend a lot on your wisdom to refine those thoughts to determine what can work and what can’t. Moreover, your clients depend on you to actualize those imaginations. Is there a better opportunity to show “what you got?”

2. Challenge yourself to the maximum

Many people sometimes hear about interior design and instantly imagine colors and artwork. While these two are critical components of interior design, they are perhaps the most elementary elements. Interior design involves a lot more. For instance, the interior designer must have a firm grasp of historical architecture as modern trends. You must also be able to marry the two from time to time. Interior designers must also have a way with lighting, texture, harmony, and computer-aided design.

Global Chic Style for a More Personalized Home

However, the biggest challenge is doing all that within budget and under strict timelines – while delivering on client expectations.

3. Making a difference/positive change

Always wanted to make a positive change to society and the environment? Interior design is one of the industries that allow you to make a real difference. For one, interior designers must work with environmental conservation in mind. One of the main topics in design school is selecting elements and executing designs that promote environmental conservation.

Additionally, designers regularly work in community spaces, including hospitals, children’s homes, and colleges. Your work in these areas has a direct impact on society. You may even work for a church or the local market.

4. Massive, highly-enriching exposure

Another major reason why you should be an interior designer is exposure. To begin with, interior designers work with professionals from several other industries. You’ll regularly meet architects, civil engineers, landscaping professionals, and people from the construction industry. You’ll also meet regular people in their homes with whom you can have memorable experiences.

Beyond meeting people, interior designers also travel a lot, cross-crossing the country the entire year. For example, you may have a project in Los Angeles, CA, this month and be on the plane to New York City, NY, the following month. So, if you love to travel, you’ll like interior design a lot.

5. Work in diverse sectors and industries

Many people often think that interior designers are resigned to the interior design industry for the rest of their lives. Not even close! Although most interior designers prefer to remain within the industry, helping clients transform their homes for improved functionality and livability, a significant portion often leaves to work in other industries.

Creating a Magical Wonderland in Your Kids' Bedroom with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

For instance, interior designers can work as civil engineers in the engineering sector. Interior designers can also work with architects. Or, you can even cross the lines entirely and enter other industries such as healthcare, hotel, or religious spaces. Advanced interior design degrees even allow you to hold administrative positions in other industries.

6. Potential for entrepreneurship

However, the best thing about becoming an interior designer is that it opens the doors to entrepreneurship. Most people don’t enjoy 9-5 jobs very much. And, even if you do, you can’t remain employed for life. We all become tired and weaker as we age. An interior designer can keep income streams open by jumping the ship and becoming an entrepreneur.

For example, you can open an interior design firm. You’ve likely seen a few in your area. You can also open a store that sells interior décor items. Another option is to become an interior design consultant. The list is endless.

Are You Convinced?

Hopefully, you are. A career in interior design is a decision you will never live to regret. It’s an exciting field with endless opportunities for career growth. And, you’ll get paid well too!

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