5 Home Decorating Tips and Tricks You Should Try Today 

A living room with a grey couch and a blue rug.

Since the Covid19 pandemic began, most people are spending a lot of time indoors. This is especially true for people who work from home and students who’ve been forced to take online classes.

Unfortunately, spending 15 hours or more sitting at home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Suddenly, the place you loved so much can begin to feel stale. Even the colors on the walls suddenly become an eye-sore.

When this happens, sprucing things up with fresh interior décor ideas can help transform the home back into the beautiful, attractive place you once loved. The following are five quick home decoration tips and tricks to consider today.

1. Rearrange

One of the most underrated home decoration tips is a rearrangement. Rearranging your home is the easiest, least expensive way to improve your spaces. It also has arguably the biggest impact on indoor decoration.

So, try something different. If you have your sofa in the receiving area, make sure the sofa and chairs face each other. Also, consider arranging them in a “U” or “H” shape. This gives a feeling of balance and intimacy. Switch up the position of the table too and put the bed on the opposite side of the wall.

You can also switch up the accessories in the living room and bedroom. For example, change the lamp’s position, perhaps from the right corner to the left, and move the kettle a few inches to the side. Or remove some of the accessories altogether. Again, these are simple changes that can have a dramatic impact on your home.

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2. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint changes everything. It changes the mood inside the house and can instantly boost your productivity levels. It also instantly changes how you feel about the house. The best part is that painting is easy. As long as you have the right paint and brush, it should be fun and straightforward.

The most important part, however, is selecting the right color. You need to find a color you really love. Otherwise, you’ll get bored of the new paint very quickly. Also, remember that you don’t have to paint the entire home in one color. Actually, it’s discouraged. Instead, find a way to weave your favorite colors into each room’s design.

A pro tip here is to paint the door in a different color. However, this only applies to doors that you can open.

3. Create a focal point

One of the reasons we lose the excitement we once had for our homes quickly is a lack of a focal point – the one thing that inspires you most in the room. Without a focal point, a roof tends to feel awkward and disjointed. Bringing in a focal point ties things up, making the room appear more cohesive and purposeful.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend big to acquire the right focal point. In fact, you can find appropriate focal points throughout the home. For instance, a distinct, framed print makes an excellent focal point in nearly any room. You can hang it above the bed or fireplace, and it will draw eyes effortlessly.

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Other excellent choices for focal points (depending on the room) include a fantastic fireplace or mantel, a well-pointed bed, and a table with a pretty centerpiece.

Create a focal point

4. Take your lighting a notch up

Lighting is critical to indoor décor. Why? Because the correct lighting improves energy levels while and sets the right tone. You’ll only realize the benefits when you’re cruising through your online classes or turning the pages on the book you’re reading.

There are two important tips here. First, natural lighting is the best form of lighting you can have in your home. So, bring as much of it indoors as possible. This may mean bringing in lighter, modern drapes. Cotton, linen, and silk fabrics tend to perform best.

Secondly, when adding artificial lighting, make your style shine through. Experts recommend having three layers of lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Take your lighting a notch up interior

5. Declutter

Finally, you may also be feeling bored in your home because it’s cluttered. Perhaps it’s just too cramped out, with no space to move about. This can cause a feeling of suffocation. Decluttering can make the home more “breathable” and livable.

Fortunately, decluttering isn’t too difficult. You can always hire a professional to do it for you. Most designers will do it for $35 to $150 per hour, depending on where you live and the type of home. However, you can also declutter yourself.

Basically, you just need to tuck away everything you don’t need. For example, if you feel a chair isn’t helping much in the living area, tuck it away in storage. The same applies to shoes and toys. Electronics and wires which may cause havoc around the home are also best tucked away.

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Ready to Get Started?

The above home decoration tips should get you on the way to a more livable, more lively home. However, don’t stop there. Always seek new ways to make your home better.

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