9 Simple Changes to Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

A kitchen with changes in black and white cabinets.

Whether you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, or you want to transform some parts of your property for your own enjoyment, it can make sense to start with the kitchen. It’s one of the most prominent parts of any property and where you likely spend the most time. 

However, knowing where to start and what to change can be challenging, and you may struggle to see which features will stand out the most and provide the most value. Some of these helpful tips below may put you on the path to having a kitchen renovation you can be proud of. 

Change the Splashback

A splashback protects surfaces from heat and damage while also protecting walls from cooking splashes. They are generally easy-clean surfaces that can stand out or blend in, depending on your preferences. 

Start looking at different splashback options, such as tiles or even kitchen splashback ideas if you’re trying to match it to a particular cabinetry color. This one small change in a kitchen can be all it takes to transform a previously dull kitchen into something spectacular. 

You might decide to opt for a contrasting color that complements your cabinetry or even install a tile splashback with bold textures and designs. The hardest part will be deciding which color and style suit your preferences the most.  

Replace the Handles

The idea of renovating your kitchen can be daunting when you picture yourself tearing down cabinetry and ripping up flooring. In reality, a transformation can be achieved through simple changes, such as replacing the handles on your cabinetry. 

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If the handles are dated, worn, or don’t suit your preferences, you can update them with minimal time, effort, and money. There are hundreds of different options available, and you can even avoid having to fill screw holes and repaint cabinetry by choosing some with the same handle size. You simply need to measure the distance between each screw hole and find some to match. 

However, it’s essential to think about the practicality and longevity of the handles you’re buying. Prioritize quality over price, and think about how easy to clean they will be.

A vintage kitchen with marble counter tops and a center island.
Pastel Kitchen with Vintage Glass Tiles

Update Your Appliances

When you’re not confident making significant alterations like new cabinetry and countertops, think about how much more fresh, clean, and modern your kitchen will look with new appliances. A new stove, range hood, dishwasher, and fridge in one finish like stainless steel may give your kitchen the lift it needs. 

Some retailers offer bulk or package deals on kitchen appliances, which means you may not have to pay the retail price for each appliance you purchase. 

A modern kitchen remodel with a marble counter top and stainless steel appliances.

Change the Lighting

You might have the most contemporary and stylish home, but dated and dull lighting can detract from its beauty. Walk into your kitchen at different parts of the day and night and identify your current lighting’s shortcomings. 

Some parts of the kitchen may appear dark, and the light might not be evenly distributed. If you currently have one central light, consider investing in in-ceiling lighting for more even light distribution and installing a feature light to illuminate your countertop or breakfast bar. Some people even install lighting within their breakfast bar for aesthetic purposes. 

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A kitchen with bar stools and a glass door undergoing remodeling.

Clear the Clutter


When the time comes to put your home on the market, or you’re tired of your kitchen being a dumping ground for everyone in the family, focus on your kitchen clutter to enhance the space. 

Remove everything that isn’t kitchen-related, such as mail, car keys, and random odds and ends that you struggle to find a home for. Now might also be the perfect time to clear out your cabinets and sell, donate, or throw away kitchenware that is no longer fit for purpose or you no longer need. 

Sometimes, the mere process of decluttering your kitchen can be enough without necessitating significant alterations. 

A woman wearing cleaning gloves making changes in a kitchen.

Perform a Thorough Cleaning

You don’t need to wait until spring before performing a thorough spring clean. Any time of the year can be when you purchase an abundance of cleaning supplies and get to work cleaning up all those marks, splatters, and grime. 

Pay special attention to your appliances, such as your oven, and clean all cabinetry, light fixtures, and flooring. If you don’t have time to undertake such an extensive cleaning session, consider hiring a cleaner that can take care of it for you. This may be particularly helpful if your property is on the market and you’re in the process of decluttering and cleaning your entire home. 

Paint the Cabinetry

If your kitchen cabinetry no longer fits in with the style of your home or is in dire need of a freshen-up, you might assume you need to purchase new cabinetry to achieve the look you want. In reality, paint can work wonders on cabinetry in good condition that may just need a new lease on life. 

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With a small amount of preparation, everything from permanent marks, chips, scratches, and cracks can be taken care of, and your cabinetry can look as good as new. 

A man is renovating a kitchen, painting with a paint brush.

Change the Decor

Having decorations in your kitchen can tie your entire home’s design together, but trends change over time. Your artwork and knick-knacks may no longer suit your style preferences and might even be bringing the whole look of your kitchen down. 

While you’re in the renovation mood, consider a décor freshen up. Install a new piece of art, remove decorations that no longer serve a purpose, and think about a new theme that will enhance your kitchen for your pleasure or that of prospective purchasers.


Replace Your Faucet

Faucet innovation has come a long way, and kitchen taps can now do much more than they used to. Be sure to shop around, as you might be impressed with how many new, striking options there are to enhance your kitchen. 

You might decide to go bold with the finish, replacing chrome with something prominent like gold, bronze, or matte black. You can also purchase faucets with touch technology, motion sensors, in-built water filters, and water-saving features. 

If you don’t have a budget in mind, some of the leading faucet manufacturers even offer kitchen faucets with chilled and sparkling water options. 

A small kitchen with black cabinets and a checkered floor.
This amber style kitchen is wonderful and you cannot deny it | small kitchen ideas

You don’t have to undertake a complete renovation to have a kitchen you love or one that will appeal to people interested in buying your home. A few small changes like a new tiled splashback, painted cabinetry, and updated lighting may be all it takes to transform one of the most-used areas of your home.

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