Sun-mica Kitchen Cabinet Design And Countertops Ideas

Here are some of the best Sun-mica ideas for kitchen cabinets to get inspired from, whether you choose modern or traditional.

Sun-mica designs for kitchen cabinets (Photo by Stylesatlife)

You must have heard the word ‘Sunmica’ several times when purchasing wooden furniture or cabinets for your home. But precisely what is Sunmica? Sunmica is a decorative laminate sheet made of a high-pressure-treated blend of plastic and paper materials commonly used as an overlay or final layer for wooden furniture or home flooring. It is one of India’s first and most popular laminates due to its low cost, robustness, durability, high quality, and wide range of colors, textures, and finishes. Learn more about Sunmica and its application in home decor.

Sunmica is very popular for kitchen design. It is a more adaptable and creative method for refinishing kitchen cabinet doors than paint. The material is heat and moisture-resistant, as well as long-lasting. Sunmica, on the other hand, is not the same as Veneer as a kitchen cabinet material.


What Are the Most Popular Sunmica Design For Kitchen Cabinets Colors, Textures, And Finishes?

Sunmica has the most kitchen cabinet (Photo by Greenlam)


  • Some of the most common Sunmica sheet and kitchen cabinet colors include walnut brown, oakwood, cherry, ash, light to dark greys, and metallic. Tones include gold, copper, steel, lemon green, yellow, and burnt orange.
  • Sunmica kitchen cabinet finishes include matte (non-reflective and soft), high gloss (mirror-like and highly reflective), and textured (dotted, striped, embossed, or grainy finish).
  • Sunmica textures for kitchen cabinets include geometric, floral, quirky, motif, digital prints, and actual wood finish textures.
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How Do You Keep Your Sunmica Kitchen Cabinets Looking Good?


  • Sunmica patterns are preferable to painting to restore kitchen cabinets since the painted surface is easily scratched.
  • Sunmica kitchen cabinets should only be exposed to water for a short period since they can curve or bend in shape.
  • Make it a habit to dust the kitchen cabinets at least once or twice weekly.
  • To remove stains, use a slightly damp towel or soft cloth.


Contrast Light And Dark Sunmica Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Earthy colors give any space a more natural look (Photo by MagicBricks) ——-


For a pleasant contrast, pair solid-colored bottom cabinets with upper cabinets constructed of wood-finish Sunmica sheets. Blue cabinets are coupled with light brown Sunmica cabinets in this kitchen, creating a beachy vibe and drawing inspiration from the sand and water. The vast side window brilliantly brightens the kitchen and highlights the beauty of these cabinets. It also gives the kitchen a sleek and modern appearance.

One of the best Sun-mica kitchen cabinets is a wooden brown finish.

A black countertop looks great with brown cabinets (Photo by MagicBricks)


This medium-brown Sunmica design transforms conventional kitchen cabinets into something elegant and classy. The finger-pull style cabinet knobs allow you to access the necessary kitchen supplies during dinner preparation effortlessly. They also complement the grayish-white top cabinets.

Sunmica is the most commonly used design for kitchen cabinets to get a rustic appearance.

Pair dark walnut cabinets with bright white flooring (Photo by MagicBricks)


To give your expansive kitchen a more rustic look, customize it with these dark walnut Sunmica sheets. You can also increase the usable space by including a white granite kitchen island and a couple of Sunmica cabinets. It gives the space a sense of continuity.

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Sunmica Kitchen Cabinet Color Schemes

Contrasting color combinations for Sunmica cabinets (Photo by HomeLane)


To add visual drama and depth to your plain kitchen, combine dark and light brown Sunmica cabinets. The black granite kitchen countertop adds boldness and a much-needed glamorous element to the space while emphasizing key locations such as the kitchen sink and burner.

Light colors are the best Sunmica for small kitchen cabinets.

Use a mix of four light shades for a small kitchen (Photo by Best Decorative Laminates Company)


If you want to make your small kitchen appear more prominent and airier, choose lighter Sunmica hues. It adds a sense of calm, elegance, and peace to the kitchen, one of the house’s busiest rooms. Because you spend so much time in the kitchen for food preparation and cooking, it makes sense to make it look appealing and inviting. So, select the best Sunmica design for kitchen cabinets and completely transform your conventional kitchen.

Simple Methods for Cleaning All Types of Kitchen Countertop

Quartz kitchen countertops are low-maintenance (Photo by 21OAK)


Do you have dreams about washing your kitchen countertops? Do you feel you’re wasting your time keeping the kitchen clean, but it’s not making a difference? Are you constantly looking for tips on how to clean kitchen countertops? Do you have kitchen envy when you walk into your neighbor’s house? You are not by yourself.

Cleaning Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Dish soap, water, non-abrasive glass cleaner, and a microfibre cloth (Photo by Southern Living)


Do you wish to learn how to clean? Caesarstone quartz countertops or Cambria quartz countertops? It’s pretty straightforward. What is true for one is valid for the other. Quartz kitchen countertops are nonporous and long-lasting. Oil spills and stains are not a reason for concern. Just make sure to use non-abrasive and gentle cleaning materials.

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Cleaning Granite Kitchen Countertops

You’ll need the following tools: Water, dish soap, non-abrasive glass cleaner, microfiber cloth, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

Granite kitchen countertops dazzle after cleaning (Photo by Pro Housekeepers)


What you should do: Granite countertops clean up easily with soap and water. For tougher stains, make a baking soda paste and wipe it off after a few minutes. Annual resealing of granite kitchen countertops is recommended.


Caution: Avoid using acidic cleaners or bleach. It will help to keep the brightness and durability of your kitchen’s granite surfaces.

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