Benefits of a Dedicated Laundry Room: Why It’s Worth the Investment

Benefits of a Dedicated Laundry Room

A laundry room could be a nook or small room in your home for the sole purpose of doing chores. However, some do not see this as an investment-worthy home renovation. If you have second thoughts about adding a laundry room at home, here are a few potential benefits of having one.


The convenience of having a dedicated laundry room could be different from delegating your dirty clothes to a laundry delivery service. Still, the accessibility of having a washer and dryer at home puts you to ease. 

You do not have to rush to the laundry service to clean the clothes you need as soon as possible or worry about how to tend to your stained clothes immediately. However, to make your laundry room truly convenient, it must have a functional design and a well-arranged appliance and laundry stash. 

Clutter-free home

Sometimes, what makes our home cluttered is the lack of dedicated rooms. If you have a laundry room at home, you can keep your laundry appliances, supplies, and dirty clothes in one location. 

You can store your laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners in an open shelve or built-in cabinet in your laundry room. There’s no need to place them anywhere else. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the stench from dirty laundry in other rooms. You can have a dedicated hamper space in your laundry room. 

Increase Storage and Hanging Space

Aside from freeing your home from clutter, a dedicated laundry room increases storage and hanging space. You do not have to scurry to the farthest storage cabinet at home; you can easily access detergents, fabric softeners, dry sheets, and stain removers in your laundry room cabinets. 

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Moreover, you do not have to display your garments in your living room or any other room when you hang them dry. Install sturdy drapery rods or a retractable laundry rack to have a hanging space. 

It is also best to consider where you place your laundry hampers. Some place their hamper behind doors or have a built-in hamper in their cabinets. 

Added Home Value

This may be the least concern for some, but this could be important if you resale your house. Depending on the size and location of your home, a property with a dedicated laundry room can be significantly attractive to potential buyers. Potential returns on the investment for the additional laundry room are highly variable. Hence, a dedicated laundry room is worth considering for your available space at home.

Don’t forget to add framed artwork or decorations to add personality. It does not have to be grandiose, but make it aesthetically pleasing enough to make doing chores less boring. 

Final Takeaway

Your dedicated laundry room does not have to be grandiose. A simple yet functional laundry room can give you all these benefits. If you have extra space and resources for a dedicated laundry room, this may be the way to remodel your home! 

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