Pop Art Kitchens Inspired by Andy Warhol

A pop art kitchen.

Pop art kitchens inspired by Andy Warhol are hidden gems in interior design. They are uncommon but when you do find them, they dazzle you.

As a native of Western PA, I grew up proud of this Pittsburgh-born artist. His graphic and bold use of color was his hallmark. He envisioned things in bright colors that the rest of the world couldn’t see…until he showed us.

Warhol’s body of work included studies of popular culture figures of his era. Hence, the name “pop” art. He transformed images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, and Jackie Kennedy into iconic art pieces.

Hats off to these visionary decorators who harnessed their inner Andy Warhol and found a new way to marry kitchen functionality with bold design.


Marilyn Monroe depicted in pop art style on a kitchen wall.
Warhol created “Marilyn,” an instant classic. While this may be a lot of color, it all comes together! | Kitchen Design Ideas
A pop art kitchen with a Campbell's tomato can hanging above the stove.
Another nod to Warhol’s genius is this soup can hood range. Genius! | Appliances Online
A pop art kitchen with a variety of comics on the wall.
Because of the cool white and black colors of this space, the pop art backsplash makes a huge impact.|Pinterest
A kitchen with red cabinets and stainless steel appliances inspired by pop art.
Hang a single piece of pop art in a kitchen with red cabinets, stainless appliances, and a black and white color scheme. What an impact!
A pop art kitchen with a colorful mural on the wall.
Don’t want portraits? Try abstract letters in Warhol-inspired colors.| Creeping Thyme
A pop art kitchen with red and black furniture.
Warhol loved the combo of red, white, and black. It’s perfect in this kitchen.|Ghar Expert
If you can't stand the heat in pop art kitchens.
Again, a decorator took inspiration in a Warhol style backsplash.|For the Floor and More
Campbell's cans of soup framed in a colorful frame, perfect for pop art kitchens.
Purchase Warhol-style art pieces for further design impact.
A pop art kitchen with a checkered floor.
A classic black and white tile floor is a trend today. But it also supports a pop art sensibility. Do you notice the “Audrey” image? | Behance
A woman in a pop art kitchen.
Finally. you can soften the look and still have fun with softer colors like pink. |Creeping Thyme

So cheers to Andy Warhol. And cheers to the decorators, art enthusiasts, and creative minds who keep his legacy alive by embracing his style.

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