Must See Tourist Destinations When You Visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto skyline.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada offers must see destinations. Toronto is an innovative, progressive city.  Indeed, it offers parks, skyscrapers, and sports. Thus, families and business travelers alike enjoy the offerings.

Toronto sits on the shores of Lake Ontario. Thus, the lake drove the economy. Ship captains made their homes in Toronto due to the Great Lake access. Because of Lake Ontario, Toronto grew into one of the most diverse cities in the world.

You won’t want to miss these must see tour stops.


The Canadian National Tower tours over the Lake Ontario waterfront district.  The CN Tower measures over 553 meters (1815’ USA).  In fact, it’s the tallest tower in the western hemisphere.  Certainly, the tower is the most iconic landmark in Toronto’s skyline.

Visitors zoom to the top of in glass fronted elevators.  The observation deck affords 360 degree views.  Indeed, the views are amazing! You see out over Lake Ontario. Also, the City of Toronto stretches before you from the opposite side.  If you visit at night, the city lights appear as glimmering gemstones.

In addition, visit The Lookout. This is a glass floor. Yes, a glass floor in the top of the tower.  You can stand on it and look straight down! Certainly, it is thrilling to see the street below.

Also, you can dine at the 360 Restaurant.  The restaurant sits at the top of the tower. Interestingly, it revolves 360 degrees once every 72 minutes.  Certainly, this inspired the restaurant’s name.

Toronto's most iconic landmark, the CN Tower, represents the vibrant city of Toronto in Canada.
CN Tower
Toronto skyline, CN Tower.
CN Tower



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Casa Loma is known as “Canada’s Castle and was built in 1914.”  Indeed, Toronto’s mid-town houses this castle. Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival influenced mansion.  Visitors see grand entryways, ornate furnishings, and tastefully appointments.

In addition to visiting the interior, you can explore the grounds. The stables are lavish. Certainly, the stables at Casa Loma rival the richest homes in the city.

There are acres of gardens. Ornate flowers abound. Walkways lead you through the park. Also, there are fountains that drown out the city noise. Indeed, you can almost forget you are in a large city!

An ornate castle with a fountain in front of it, located in Toronto.
Casa Loma
Maritime castle in Toronto.
Casa Loma, Toronto


Young and older tourists alike delight in Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. In fact, families with children shouldn’t skip this! Interactive displays invite learning about the sea. Walk through a shark tank from the safety of a tunnel.  Enjoy an educational program.  You’re never too old to visit Ripley’s.

This stop is fun and fascinating.

After your tour, stay and eat at the cafe. That way, you can stay and play longer!

An aquarium in Toronto with a shark swimming in it.
Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
Rendering, building
Ripley’s Aquarium – Toronto, Ontario, Canada



The Rogers Centre was formerly known as the SkyDome. The Toronto Blue Jays, a Major League Baseball team, plays at this stadium.   Also, they host cultural events at this arena.

Most importantly, this arena was the first to feature a retractable roof.  This  31-story high roof was the first of its kind. This feature is an engineering marvel.  The roof takes only 20 minutes to completely open or close.  Therefore, this arena was an innovation.

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Toronto's Rogers Centre is illuminated at night.
Rogers Centre at night
Toronto's Roosevelt Arena at night.
Dome lit up at Rogers Centre


Finally, spend a day at the beach! Toronto offers many sand and pebble beaches. Certainly, they have plenty of waterfront!  The beaches offer fantastic views of Lake Ontario.  Also, you can stand back and gaze at the Toronto skyline. Additionally, the City of Toronto offers restrooms and concessions.

In conclusion, Toronto is the perfect spot for vacation or a business trip. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you will find fun things to do.

A beach with people on it and the CN Tower in Toronto in the background.
Toronto’s beaches
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