Bathroom Makover: Clever Details Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Oasis

A grey bathroom creates calm.

You can do a bathroom makeover and turn your bathroom into a spa oasis. You don’t need the biggest bathroom.  In fact, you don’t even need the most expensive accessories. Of course, you will need to invest time and effort into this space.  However, you will love the result of the time you spend.

We sometimes think of our bathroom in terms of function. We ignore the form.  However, this is a huge mistake! We wake up, shower, and prepare for the day in our bathroom. We return to the bathroom to prepare to go to sleep at night.  Therefore, think of your bathroom as a retreat.  Literally, it is a place where you can wash away your stresses.

Let your bathroom’s environment reflect this importance. Because you spend so much time in your bathroom, give it a bathroom makeover and turn it into your own spa oasis.

Start with paint.  It is simple and inexpensive.  We often can’t afford the expense of a full remodel.   But we can all spring for a can of paint.

Designers often choose light neutral paint colors for the bathroom. This keeps a typically smaller room light and airy.  Also, neutrals set the stage for fun accessories.  In addition, you can change your colors by simply changing accessories.

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A grey bathroom creates calm.
A grey bathroom creates calm.
light gray bathroom
Likewise, a lighter grey keeps an airy feel.

Homeowners gravitate to trendy tones of grey right now.  Grey soothes the senses. It evokes a sense of calm and cool. Mainly, we choose grey because it’s fabulous!

tan master bath
Tan walls offer warmth in the bathroom
Light tan creates a warm space.
Light tan creates a warm space.

On the other hand, you may prefer a traditional or warmer color. In this case, choose tan. Tan provides a warm feeling. Think of the warmth of the Tuscan sun.  Certainly, tan is classic. Therefore, it never goes out of style.

While you are painting, do yourself a favor.  Move on to painting your trim white.  White trim feels fresh and clean. Crisp white trim pops against that freshly painted wall. It’s true. Of course, the best spas are crisp and clean; they refresh your soul.  Don’t you deserve that feeling at home?

white trim paint
White trim “pops.”

After you paint, accessorize!

Think about the last spa you visited. Certainly, you saw plush white towels neatly rolled. Perhaps you saw clear glass jars holding little treasures. Finally, you probably saw candles flickering to complete the decor.

Bring those elements into your bathroom makeover!

First, display neatly rolled or folded towels. While they use white at the spa, you can choose whatever accent color you choose.

Keep your display of towels neat and simple.  Naturally, you will mount the shelves on the wall if you have a small bathroom. If you are short on space, create a shelf above the bathroom door.

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rattan towel basket
Rattan baskets make charming wall mounted storage
towel storage
Space saving towel shelf
bathroom jars on counter
Apothecary jars display useful items.
mason jars in bathroom
Mason jars attached to wood frame save space in a small bathroom.

Choose simple accessories that can multi-task.  Clear apothecary jars are elegant and useful for holding necessities Also, clear or colored mason jars can add rustic grace to your bathroom makeover.

Of course, candles complete a bathroom makeover. They cast a flattering glow of light. Also, you can choose a myriad of fragrances to enhance the spa atmosphere.  You can sit them on the vanity or the edge of the bathtub as you soak.  Better yet, go for both!

bathroom spa candles
bathroom candles

In conclusion, you don’t need a complete bathroom overhaul.  Pay attention to details that create a spa atmosphere and you can have a successful bathroom makeover.



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