Unique Showers for Any Bathroom

A unique bathroom with a shower and a plant in it.

We all want to have that experience where our bathroom makes us feel as though we are in a 5 star hotel or a European spa. Sadly, these aren’t viable living options, but we can certainly mold our home to emulate these types of destinations. That’s for sure. Take a look at the showers below to give you inspiration for you home, whether it’s for a guest bedroom or your master bath oasis. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, as you can simply update certain elements using the pictures below as guide, or you can shell out the cash for a full on renovation. Either way these unique showers are sure to make an imprint on your home.

Simple renovations, such as new tile or shower heads can some in handy. Below are some unique and fantastic shower heads and tile ideas. Updating the lighting within the shower is also a great idea. Something that has gained lots of popularity is the idea of a see-through shower wall. In order to accomplish this, many are throwing out their curtains and replacing them with glass walls. This tends to work best in master bedrooms, as many guests may feel a lack of privacy. If you would like this for your space bathrooms, then consider getting a design etched into the glass at the heights of where most people’s hips and chest are. This gives the illusion of more privacy as those areas are covered.


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