Adding Visual Interest with Unique Mirrors in Bathrooms

Adding Visual Interest with Unique Mirrors in a Bedroom.

Bathrooms are sometimes neglected by homeowners and are strictly utilitarian. However, adding visual interest with unique mirrors in bathrooms can be easy and fairly cheap, in regards to remodeling. It is one purchase that will transform the room and create a more enjoyable space for homeowners as well as guests.

A bathroom with a white sink and mirror, adding visual interest.
Art Deco inspired mirror brings life to the bathroom (houzz)

The picture above is a mirror, inspired by Art Deco. It brings life and vibrancy into the space without introducing color.

A bathroom with gray walls and a white sink and mirror enhanced by a unique mirror.
Beautiful intricate mirror (studio-mcgee)

This traditional mirror transforms the room from normal contemporary to eclectic and glamorous with it’s delicate engravings and intricate ornamentation.

A bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and unique mirrors.
Chic diamond mirror (anvig)

The mirror above is a mix of diamond shaped mirror inlays and two large modern mirrors. This technique adds sparkle to the room from all of the reflective surfaces at varying angles.

A bathroom with a stone wall and wooden vanity, adding visual interest.
Cool organic mirror (minimalisti)

This mirror takes alot more work but it would certainly be worth the effort. The organically shaped irregular mirror can make the space feel one with nature.

A bathroom sink with a unique mirror above it.
Enchanting mirror with angles creates glittering effect (parisperfect)

This traditional mirror’s many angles and pieces make the room feel glittering and interesting.

A bathroom with unique mirrors and white cabinets.
Interesting shaped mirror and mirrored cabinets (eastsidehomelink)

This gorgeous mirror is not too ornate but has curves and subtle drama. Likewise, having reflective cabinets helps the room feel bigger and more impressive.

A white bathroom with a vanity and a stool featuring unique mirrors.
Subtle interest with arched mirror (tuneldelhada)

This mirror is definitely subtle but it provides a slight accent to the mirror without deviating from the traditional style.

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