The Scandinavian design – incorporation of simple beauty and functionality

A Scandinavian-inspired bed in an attic.

If you love simplicity, minimalism and functionality, then the Scandinavian design is just the right choice for you.

A bedroom with a white staircase and a hint of Scandinavian design.

Originally, the term “Scandinavian design” derives from a design show which goes under the same name from 1954 to 1957. The very same show establishes the meaning behind the name of the term as beautiful, functional, inspired by the Nordic nature and climate, and affordable for all design. What’s not to love about that?

A white living room with blue accents inspired by Scandinavian design.

Same as before this lovely style of decoration is famous with his pure lines, excellent craftsmanship and simple elegance. The main material of course is wood, giving us the warm feeling of coziness and comfort.

A living room with scandinavian design featuring a table and chairs.


Even though the dominating color schemes are mainly light, the Scandinavian design isn’t afraid of bright, contrasting splashes here and there.

A Scandinavian living room with a grey couch and yellow accents.

The real Scandinavian design is comfortable and livable. It keeps the spaces rather open an airy, so you never get the feeling of being trapped and makes you feel really at home. It also plays with the hardness of the wood and the softness of the delicate colored rooms, always giving you something interesting to look at.

A dining room with framed pictures featuring Scandinavian design touches.


The Nordic design often uses plants when decorating which breathe life into every closed space no matter the purpose of the room.

A white and green bedroom with a minimalistic design and a plant.

Choosing this style, you’ll receive fresh, elegant and practical home which you will love living at. The Scandinavian design guaranties you not only that but also uniqueness and charm for which you will always receive admiration, and let’s just face it – a little bit of envy.

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