How to Increase Your Privacy in Your Home

A collage of pictures showcasing different types of blinds and how they can increase privacy in your home.

In a world where everyone has access to the world’s information at their fingertips, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to protect your privacy. While this may be a challenge in the digital world, the last place you should expect your privacy to be compromised is your own home.

Depending on whether you live in a suburb or apartment, there may be certain areas of your living space that you may find too intrusive or exposed. Luckily, there are numerous simple ways to eliminate the vast majority of these weak spots, subsequently affording you the privacy and peace of mind you deserve.

Covering Windows

A living room with wooden blinds for increased privacy.

This is likely the first thing any homeowner should invest in when it comes to protecting their privacy. Roller blinds are probably the most secure and affordable option. Not only will they deter prying eyes, but they’ll also do a great job blocking sunlight for those who prefer to sleep in.

There are numerous benefits to using roller blinds as opposed to, say, curtains. Their roll-up design means they don’t get in the way, they’re easy to use and clean and especially in the case of double blinds, they can block even the brightest light sources. It’s also worth noting that some roller blinds will actually add some design flair to your interior decor at the same time.


Low crime rates and general culture means that most suburbs in the US lack any substantial fencing between each home. This is far from ideal for many homeowners. Whether it be due to creepy Steve next door or jealous Karen who hates you for buying the smart tv she sees through your window, something more than a tiny picket fence would go a long way in making your life easier.

7 Ideas to Consider for Your Man Cave

A backyard with a corrugated metal fence for increased privacy.

Luckily there’s a thing called a privacy fence. They’re affordable and don’t look overly offensive. These 3 privacy fence ideas should give you a good image of what you can expect. This not only means people won’t be able to see into your house, but you can deter burglars by not allowing them to see what’s in your yard either.

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This is one of the most fun options to implement around your house. It’s especially suitable for those who enjoy gardening and spending a bit of time working on their homes. Simply plant a couple of trees or bushes that are known to grow particularly high and enjoy the natural flair they bring to your living space.

For those who want to deter housebreakers, considered adding a few thicker bushes that contain thorns. This will also stop unwanted animals from doing their business on your lawn. Adding flora to your home also allows you to incorporate color by planting a couple of flowers wherever you see fit. This, when maintained, adds substantial value to your property.

A close up of a plant with spikes on it, demonstrating how to increase your privacy with plants.
Prickly acacia bushes, very sharp shypy

So, there you have it, three simple, safe and affordable options that prove you don’t have to board up your windows and hide away. Your privacy is important, so don’t hesitate to ensure its integrity.

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