Living Room Design 2021: Trendy Ideas

A woman lounges on a chic couch in a trendy living room.

When you are going to start decorating the interior of the living room, you should think over the smallest details in advance, since we spend most of our time at home in this room. For the living room, we choose the most spacious room to place the most important objects here that help us to relax, arrange a gathering with friends on weekends, and relax with our loved ones on weekdays. That is why we put maximum effort into this room when decorating the interior.

Each year is marked by new directions in the development of the design of the living room. This year, the focus has been on creating aesthetically pleasing furnishings and maximum comfort. In this article, we will introduce you to the main ideas.

5 main directions 2021

This year, the designers were committed to the following concepts: close connection with nature, naturalness and convenience, personalization, and expanding the color range.

Minimum of piled up goods and easy-to-use decoration items

This year, the best minds in the art of design decided to apply some novelties. More emphasis has been placed on making the living room a place that will not only relax you but also inspire you.

As many professionals say, “simplicity is beauty”. Several comfortable places in your room will allow you to see the beauty of simplicity. You will be able to view things from a different perspective. This concept involves the creation of an interesting and versatile interior. It also allows you to take a fresh look at non-standard solutions when zoning a room.

How to add gold to your living room

The following ideas may be able to push you towards creating a room where you will feel free:

  • Minimalism in furniture. Antique furniture, filled with many open cabinets and handles, has long outlived its usefulness. It is being replaced by new solutions. Cabinets and shelves with a minimum amount of volumetric decor are replaced by cabinets with integrated handles. The choice of such furniture does not visually clutter up the space.A cozy living room with framed pictures and a stylish rug.
  • Surfaces that do not obstruct natural light. To visually enlarge the space of your room, buy furniture, the surface of which easily reflects light and illuminates your room. Smoothly polished wood surfaces and metalwork can help you achieve this effect.
  • Distribution of zones. Not every property owner can boast of a spacious apartment. However, it is necessary to thoughtfully approach the zoning of space. Many apartments now include a combination of several rooms. To highlight each zone, you can use minimalistic partitions that will not cut down on free space. You can always give preference to the custom-shaped pillows offered by All About Vibe to create comfort in your rooms.

The latest technology

Many will say that modern technology can be used if they fit the style of your apartment. However, this is a delusion. If you choose the right location for gadgets, you can harmoniously integrate them into any style. In addition, it will make your living room much more comfortable and make your life easier.

  • Voice assistant. This device is more commonly used by people in their daily life. Imagine you fell asleep on the couch in your living room after a hard day at work, but you had forgotten to set the alarm clock on your phone. Previously, setting an alarm clock on the smart speaker would not let you oversleep. In the evening you call your friends and want to create a comfortable atmosphere with the help of music. The voice assistant will certainly create a selection of music that fits perfectly into your evening. Moreover, if you would like to enter any query in a search engine, and your hands are busy, then your assistant will do it for you and announce the result.

    A white Google Home speaker complementing a modern living room design.
  • Monitoring the climate in the room. The introduction of a climate control system will make your life much easier. Such an innovation independently takes the indicators of your room and adjusts the temperature and humidity.
  • Smart lighting. It happens to everyone that as soon as you take a comfortable position for watching a movie, you immediately remember that you forgot to turn off the light. In this case, you can install a lighting control system on your phone and you do not need to get up and go to the switch. Also, such a system allows you to control the brightness level.
  • Recliner armchairs. Such furniture does not take up much space when folded. If you want to relax, then you can spread the chair so that your legs also get relaxation. Moreover, such chairs have built-in audio speakers and a USB port.
How To Choose the Perfect Living Room Furniture

Choosing natural materials

Previously, people tried to save on furniture and later face the consequences. Homeowners now prefer to choose furniture and decor made from natural materials that will last for decades with proper maintenance.

More preference is given to pieces of furniture made of wood, metal, stone, and glass.

A black couch in a modern living room design.

Color solution

Previously, designers suggested that people stick to the colors inherent in a particular style when decorating their living room. Today experts suggest combining different color schemes to create more authenticity and give your room a more personalized look.

5 preferred colors for the living room

1) Milk and beige. The beige color will always look harmonious in any room and create some coziness. It remains only to choose the desired tint. It can be almond, smoky beige, or dingy dark beige. If you think that such a color is boring, then you can focus on the details of the interior. For example, designer pillows in a splendid red color will highlight the style of your room.

2) Green. Fresh and more soothing shades of green are becoming more popular. They create a closer relationship with nature. The mint color undoubtedly calms and soothes, and also perfectly suits various style solutions. The bluish-green color will emphasize the sophistication of your soul.

3) Blue. A color of tranquility that promotes total relaxation. Pastel shades of blue look great with furniture in both dark and light shades. Marine color will plunge you into the atmosphere of eternal relaxation. Shades of turquoise will noticeably saturate the interior of your living room.

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A living room with blue walls and furniture showcasing an appealing design.

4) Brown. A new trend in living room decoration. Do not be afraid to paint the room exactly in this color. The main thing is to take care of an unobtrusive color tone. A shade of maple syrup, desert, or coffee will add a luxurious touch to your interior.

5) Purple. This color is often characterized by people who have a crazy fantasy. It seems as if this color will look pretentious on the walls of the living room. If you are afraid to overdo it with this color, then you can paint only some interior items.

When decorating your living room, rely on your gut. After all, it is you who will spend a huge amount of time here.

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