Create A Collage For Any Room

A dining room with a pink couch and framed pictures, designed to create a collage-like atmosphere.

Everyone loves to showcase their photographs and art, but sometimes come across the issues of limited furniture/wall space or uncertainty of how to make multiple photos work well on a wall. One way that you can fight these issues to create a visually beautiful place to show your images is through a collage. In order to make sure you create a collage that’s perfect for your home and style, we’ve found some tips and inspiration.

PHOTO-ONLY COLLAGE: If you wish to only have photographs, and no art or hang-able knick-knacks, then you’ll want to keep several things in mind to create a collage that will wow your guests. This collage type can include just pictures of your family, or also vacation photos, and heirloom family photos. In order to add a visually pleasing variety to gain interest, you may want to opt for varying between the above photograph types. You may also want to utilize different frames that follow a certain theme to bring in some flair. This can be done through a theme of shapes, colors, or frame style/ material.

ALL-INCLUSIVE COLLAGE: This tends to be a more visually pleasing collage, as it provides various eye-catching items. This can include photos, art, and hang-able items. Generally, you want them to be relatively small, with possibly one or two stand-out pieces. The hang-able items can include handmade art, raised art, wooden letters, or other similar items. Although you want them of somewhat similar small stature, there should still be some variability in all the sizes, with some being tiny, some smaller, some slightly larger. Including items of different shapes and using frames of different styles will also add to the personality of the collage.

Decorating a Room with a View


– When you create a collage on a staircase, be sure to do so on an angle ascending/descending with it to maintain the flow

– To keep up with changes throughout the year, you may opt to change ┬ásome photos or art pieces with each season

– Generally, each collage needs some type of difference through color,shape, or texture

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