Why Choose Large Wall art for Decorating the Living Room

Buddha sitting on a hill at sunset canvas art for decorating the living room.

Go big or go home. Yes, it’s true when it comes to buying large wall art. There’s nothing like ‘ too big wall art’ when executed properly.

A large wall piece livens up your space and adds personality to your decor. In addition, a giant wall of art makes the wall look less crowded. You must wish to hang wall art in the living room as it is spacious and a shared space.

Fortuitously, There are different ways to hang other types of large wall art in your living room. So, let’s discuss all the good aspects of choosing large wall art for decorating the living room.

Bigger is Always Better

A more significant wall piece is better as it covers a substantial part of your living room wall and adds a color palette to the wall. Generally, the living room is more extensive than the rest of the rooms. 

An extensive Canvas can do Wonders.

Visualize large art prints on the accent wall of your living room. Isn’t it looking extraordinary? Oversized canvas matching the setup of your room; minimalism is for the current design. Or an abstract and bold canvas with multi frames to bring out the life from the wall.

A framed canvas is unique and complete in itself. An oversized vintage portrait in the framed canvas will illuminate your wall.  It adds great texture to your walls and provides a finished look to walls. Explore all the options and choose a statement wall canvas for you.

A Statement Canvas Complimenting the atmosphere

The wall canvas must match the setup of your living room.  If the area is designed in contemporary style, with a blend in furniture, you can go with minimalist wall art. On the other hand, if you want to create a contrast, go for vibrant wall art. 

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If your theme is dark, you can install graffiti or bohemian multi-panel wall art. A panoramic, vertical look is good on elongated walls and is suitable for small living rooms. You can check the incredible trends of oversized wall art to decorate your living area or bedroom.

A Prominent Photo Print Canvas

Do you have your favorite memory? Don’t lock it away in a closet. Instead, make a canvas out of it.  A large photo print canvas next to the wall where you have your meals will look awe-inspiring.

You can also photo print your favorite landscape shots and much more. You can order them in the form of a large canvas in various shapes—a framed canvas, horizontal, vertical, or panoramic.

Go Bright With  Mirror

A painting of the Eiffel Tower adds charm to a bedroom.

A large mirror is a big yes for your living room. The thing with large wall art is it always gives a colossal royalty feel. A large mirror on your large living room wall creates an illusion of a bigger space. It also reflects light and brightens up your space.

Mirror has shower positivity and energy. You can choose a big mirror—an elongated one for a high ceiling and a broad one for a vast wall.

Dominant Wall hangings

Dominant wall hangings, which are comprehensive, look good. A macrame or a tapestry art. It instills calmness and soothes the aura of the place. 

The bohemian touch of different types of tapestries seems so warm. You can mount various types of exotic wall hangings over a piece of furniture.

A big ben clock on a wall in a dining room, perfect for decorating the living room.

Major Takeaway while hanging a Large Wall art

  • Significant wall art makes your wall look less crowded. In addition, you can arrange the room around the decor as it serves as a focal point.
  • While hanging a master wall art, make sure that it covers sixty to seventy-five percent of the wall.
  • While hanging wall art over a fireplace, furniture, or bed must cover two-thirds or three-fourths of the table.
  • For the level of any type of wall art. It must be at eye level. If you hang it too low or too high, the essence of art will be minimized.
  • The thumb rule is to hang it six to twelve inches above the table for placement above the furniture.
  • Always try to invest in vertical big wall pieces when the ceiling is very high.
  • The large wall art of horizontal shape is suitable for the standard height of the ceiling.
  • If you are hanging a giant wall of art on one wall, the opposite can contain small crafts to maintain the balance.
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Final Words

Large wall arts are exhilarating and add a wow factor to your living room. Experiment with different things and follow the rules of large piece hangings. Undoubtedly, your gossip and late-night coffee moments will become even more cherished with exceptional decor. 

Wall art will be a chat starter and level up your living decor. Keep a few things in mind and invest in a statement piece that suits the atmosphere of your living room.

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