8 Ways to Make a Statement in Your Living Room

A statement living room with black walls and a cowhide rug.

Sometimes a living room needs a little something extra.  The living room, hence the name, is the room where most families spend time at home.  It is generally the center for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying family time.  The living room is where guests are received.  Here are eight ways to make a statement in your living room, to bring it from ordinary to noteworthy.

A statement living room with couches and a fireplace.
Beautiful living room (gmtoday; Warren Barnett, interior designer)

1.  Color

Color gives a room its overall character and provides the basis for additional decorative elements.  Making a statement with color can be achieved by painting the walls or ceiling in a unique or unexpected color.  Upholstery, rugs and accessories are also key ways to introduce color into the living room.

Purple walls living room.
Purple walls make an unexpected statement (meridastudio)
A statement living room with a fireplace and red accents.
Pops of bright color make a statement (npdodge)
2.  Pattern

Pattern brings life and dimension to a room and can make a statement in the most interesting way.  Try introducing pattern into your living room with geometric prints on rugs and upholstered pieces.  Mix patterns for a unique and layered look.  Balance the look by using different scales of pattern.

A living room with a gray couch.
Pattern and color makes this living room pop (homestratosphere)
A living room with a statement fireplace and wooden beams.
Mix patterns for interest (decoist)
3.  Furniture

Unique furniture is a great way to make a statement in the living room.  Just one standout piece is all that is needed to set the tone for the room.  A custom coffee table, a boldly upholstered sofa or a one-of-a-kind antique piece are all candidates for a stylish and noteworthy living room.

A living room with a statement grey couch and white coffee table.
Unique furniture makes a statement (homefully)
A living room with a statement green velvet sofa and zebra print rug.
A bold green velvet sofa makes a statement (lampsplus)
A statement living room with a couch and chairs.
An iconic red chair makes a statement (dwell.com; DJ Harmon, designer)
4.  Focal Point

When you walk into a room, your eye should be drawn to a particular spot and then travel outward from there.  This is what is known as the focal point of a room.  A focal point can be a fireplace, a unique architectural feature or a piece of artwork over the sofa.

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Statement: A living room with a blue wall is described.
An art wall is the focal point (forbes)
A living room with a colorful rug and a painting on the wall is a statement.
Vibrant artwork stands out as a focal point (designloversblog)
5.  Lighting

Installing a distinctive light fixture gives the living room that extra something special.  A modern sculptural chandelier or a highly ornate fixture with cascading crystals are stylish choices worthy of attention.

A living room with white furniture, chandelier
A statement chandelier elevates a room (Architectural Digest)
A statement dining room with a large table and chairs.
A statement lighting fixture adds style (hauteresidence)

6.  Texture

Interesting texture can make a bold statement in the living room.  A variety of textures, from wall treatments, flooring, textiles and accessories, really give a room dimension.  Consider the surfaces in your living room, from ceiling to floor.  Where could you add texture?

3D rendering of a modern living room with wooden walls.
Texture makes a statement (home-designing)
A statement living room with large windows and a fireplace.
Texture creates interest and makes a statement (decoist)
A cozy living room with a fireplace and statement bookshelves.
Add texture to make a statement (decoist)
7.  Cohesive Look

A well-designed room is a statement on its own.  When the layout, furnishings and accessories all create a cohesive look the room speaks volumes.  Furnishings that are of the same scale, combined with carefully selected accessories and accents give a room a smart look.  Interesting treatments for the walls, ceiling and floors add character.  Blend all the elements together with a neutral color palette and introduce distinct elements for a layered and personal appeal.

A living room with a brown leather Statement furniture and a wooden ceiling.
A well balanced, cohesive look makes a statement (justinteriordesignideas)
8.  Unique Feature

A unique feature in a room can be a distinctive shelving unit, an architectural feature, or a group of artistic photographs.  Black painted window trim is a bold feature that frames a room and stands out.  Building a fireplace surround that combines storage and shelving is a great way to merge style with function.

A statement-making wall of bookshelves in a room.
A group of unique shelving (foter)
Statement: A living room with large windows and a coffee table.
Black window trim makes a statement (Houzz)
A statement dining room with a chandelier.
Black window frames make a statement (apartmenttherapy)
A statement living room with a piano and a fireplace.
Functional and stylish fireplace surround (blog.balsamhill)
A living room with a fireplace and a rug creates a cozy statement.
Unique architectural features add character (theinteriordirectory)
A wall of black and white photography can make an impact (Houzz)

Create a living room that is comfortable and stylish and that speaks to you.  Add pieces that are strong and make a visual statement as you enter.  This is the room that will remain timeless and serve as the central gathering spot of your home.  Go ahead and make a bold statement with furniture, color, pattern, a stand-out focal point, texture, lighting and unique features.  Bring it all together for a cohesive design that welcomes.

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