The Top Five Home Decor Trends for 2020

A trendy living room decor featuring a white couch.

The year 2020 will be arriving in three months and interior design trends are expected to change. If you want to stay in the loop, these are the trends that you need to watch out for.

Abstract Design

The trend of using abstract-design is inspired by the growing number of people who are falling in love with abstract art. This design is described by others as a fun and free-spirited way to express one’s self. Most of the designs are a direct reflection of the abstract art, and it is defined by the use of bold geometrics combined with striking color combinations. Hand-drawn sketches are also added into the mix to make it more stunning.

A living room with colorful furniture showcasing decor trends.

The personality of the individual who lives in a house with an abstract design would stand out, and it will create a mood that can evoke strong emotions from those who will see how it looks like from the inside. If you want the abstract design for your home, be bold with the color combinations and it is up to you how the combinations will work. Use this design in a single room or use it all over your house.

Design With Structured Simplicity

If you want a more natural-looking home, try out the design that promotes structured simplicity. The main purpose of this design is to create a comfortable and calm space, where you can forget about the outside world and stay relaxed inside your own home. This design evolved from the trend called Nordic Retreat that was introduced in 2019. After applying this design inside your home, you will find out that it feels safer and more inviting. You will experience better sleep and every rest would charge you up.

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A white living room with trendy furniture and a fireplace.

The warming neutrals will also give you a sense of retreat from the chaotic world outside. You can use this design inside your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. After applying this design to your home, you will find it simpler, but not to the point that it becomes minimalist. The furniture inside your home is also important. Choose the ones that are crafted and not built by factories. Use colors like beige to make it feel more natural, especially on the double pocket doors, or any wooden surface.

Honest Comfort Design

This design will work best if used in a country home or a vintage house. The aim of this design is to make living more comfortable. It would use items that are known for giving comfort, like pillows and cushions. Line it up on the sofa or the bed, and turn your home into a tranquil haven where you can relax. Make sure that the furniture has a comforting texture to it to make it more engaging to live inside.

A living room with trendy decor featuring a white couch and blue rug.

You can also add water features inside your home to make it more relaxing, and perform yoga while you appreciate the type of design applied inside your home. The colors that you need to use for your home should be derived from natural pigment. You can try mixing blue and gray to make it more appealing. Others are turning to green colors which are the primary color of the natural world.

Eclectic Glamour Design

This design is characterized by its use of bold, sassy, and confident color combinations, and shapely furniture pieces that exhibit rounded and curved features. This style is used mostly decades ago, and it will serve as a revival. The elegant theme of the eclectic glamor design would give your home a striking look.

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A living room with trendy decor featuring colorful rugs and paintings.

The color combination that should be used for this design includes a strong mix between the basic colors and other experimental colors. For example, you can mix ruby or royal blue with bronze, ochre, or rose to highlight a bold color combination. If done correctly, your home would look more elegant than before. Do not forget to add metallic touches as well.

Japanese-Based Design

This oriental design is inspired heavily by the Japanese culture. This design is minimalist in nature, but it uses elements that are unique to the Japanese archipelago. Expect to see a color palette that showcases soft colors and furniture pieces that are made from wood. This design will work perfectly inside a room that has a lot of space. This design idea will make you feel relaxed once you enter the room.

A living room with modern decor trends featuring a wooden floor and a TV.

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