Timely Tips for Decorating with Clocks

A wall filled with clocks.

In the modern home cell phones, appliances, video and audio equipment and computers all have clocks, nearly making other sources of time obsolete.  Vintage style clocks are primarily used as decorative accents and for good reason.  Clocks bring a certain charm and character to any style of interior.  Here are a few tips on how to incorporate clocks into your home.

A living room with couches and a large mirror.
A clock hanging on a dresser.
A clock on the wall in a dining room.

A collection of clocks displayed on a wall becomes a focal point with impact.  Displaying varying styles and sizes of clocks gives a collection more interest and balance.  Mix in framed artwork or black and white photographs for an even more striking display.

A room with a desk, chair and clocks on the wall.
A living room with multiple clocks on the wall.
A wall clock.

Create a time-themed display on shelves or in the entry hall above a console table.  Add hourglasses, antique pocket watches and vintage alarm clocks to the display.  Clock faces, hands and mechanisms also add wonderful texture, variety and character to a display.

A clock on the wall.
A clocks on a dresser.

Large clocks, especially those with Roman numerals, are highly decorative accents above the fireplace, over the sofa or on a dominant wall.  Large vintage clocks make a strong statement in industrial styled interiors or in interiors that lean toward the farmhouse or cottage style.  Displayed with other vintage items, clocks stand out to create a chic vignette.

A clock in a living room.
A large clock on a wall.
A living room with furniture and clocks.
A desk with a clock.

In the kitchen, vintage clocks display well over the stove or on a shelf among kitchenware.  The home office is a likely place to have a clock for function as well as decoration.  Clock faces can be plain or theme-based to accent any style of room.

A kitchen with a clock.
A chair with a clock.
Three clocks hanging on a wall next to a vase.

Whether you choose to display collections or single clocks for function or decorative purposes, there is an inherent character to the vintage clock.  However you wish to display them, clocks are a timeless decorative element in the home.

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A living room with a wall clock.


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