Beautiful Tile Ideas to Add Distinctive Style to Your Bath

A bathroom with beautiful tiled walls and a bathtub.

One of the ways to add significant style and distinction to the bathroom is by installing tile.  You can choose from decorative tiles, mosaic tile designs, custom artisan tiles and many others to infuse character and beauty into your bathroom.  Here are beautiful tile ideas to add distinctive style to your bath.

A bathroom with beautiful tile ideas surrounding a bathtub.
Tile with a look of old-world charm adds grace and character to the bath (pinterio)

Decorative tile in the bathroom is not only beautiful but it is easy to clean.  For a room that is often filled with steam and wet surfaces, tile can be a highly functional surface.  Tile is durable and can be easily installed, unless there are intricate patterns involved or tight spaces.  For example, if you decide to tile the area around the toilet, this can be a bit more challenging.

A beautiful white tiled bathroom with a chair and a shelf.
Tile is durable and functional in the bath (Houzz)

The great decorative benefit of tile is that you can use it to trim or accent certain areas.  Behind the sink or around the edges of a shower are a few places you may want to have accent tiles.  You can install tile in the shower or on a countertop as well.

A bathroom with beautiful tile ideas and a bathtub.
Decorative tile in the shower (freshome)

Tile is a wonderful decorative element for the bathroom.  It comes in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, shapes, patterns and textures.  The versatility of tile lends itself to a completely custom look for any bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom with green and blue tiles.
Creative tile for the bathroom (
A beautiful green and white bathroom with a sink and mirror featuring stunning tile ideas.
Creative tile installation in the bathroom (adorable.home)

Natural stone tile, such as travertine, marble and slate, can bring a refined look to the bathroom.  Trim natural tile with the addition of glossy glass or ceramic tile accents for a custom look.  The modern bathroom is the ideal space for natural stone tile.

A beautiful bathroom with two sinks and a glass shower featuring stunning tile ideas.
Beautiful tile bathroom (
A bathroom with a sink featuring beautiful tile ideas.
A tiled bathroom (flashconf)
A bathroom with beautiful tile ideas and two sinks.
Sleek tile in the bathroom (
A bathroom with beautiful tile ideas and brown walls.
Sleek and sophisticated tiled bathroom (duckdo)

Play with pattern and color to create a unique bathroom space.  With so many choices of shape and color in tile, you can create a mosaic wonderland of texture and pattern in the bathroom.

The Console Table – Stylish Function
A bathroom with beautiful tiled walls.
Beautiful tile bathroom (tileideaz)
A beautiful blue and white bathroom with stunning tile ideas
Beautiful tile work in the bathroom (interiorexteriorideas)
A bathroom with a beautiful chevron tile floor.
Create a pattern with tiles in the bathroom (HGTV)

Mix tiles throughout the bath or use color blocking for a dramatic appeal.

A bathroom with a beautiful mirror.
Unique tile work gives this bathroom personality (home-designing)
A beautiful blue tiled bathroom with a glass shower stall.
Beautiful blue tiles in the bathroom (designingcity)

Highlight a mosaic panel for a focal point in the bathroom.  The watercolor finish on these tiles create a bathroom that has the appeal of the sea.  The center medallion of a fish provides a fun accent.

A beautifully tiled bathtub in a bathroom.
Beautiful tile gives this bathroom a punch of color (Houzz)

Add tile to create an accent wall in the bathroom over the sink.

A bathroom with beautiful tiled walls.
Small tiles create a unique look for the bathroom (diynetwork)

Create a mosaic design with tile in the shower.

A bathroom with beautiful tiled walls and a toilet.
Tile shower gives bathroom a boost (

Wrap the room in tile with a lower wall treatment to create a distinctive look that infuses the bath with color and texture.

A bathroom with beautiful green tiled walls.
Pretty tile work in the bath (hdimagelib)

A bathroom outfitted entirely in tile creates a cozy and luxurious room that beckons you to soak in the tub for awhile.

A bathroom with a beautiful bathtub and sink featuring stunning tile design ideas.
Tile can add sophisticated glamour to the bath (tileideaz)
A stunning bathroom with elegant black tile and a luxurious black tub.
Distinctive tile bathroom (tileideaz)
A beautiful bathroom with black and white tiles.
White tiles open up the bath (tileideaz)

Create a luminescent appeal with metallic tile.  Use it as a sink backsplash or accent natural tile to add a touch of shimmer.

A bathroom with beautiful tile ideas featuring a sink and a mirror.
Metallic tile in the bathroom (tileideaz)
A bathroom with beautiful tiled walls.
Metallic tile accents in bathroom (freshdesignpedia)

Installing tile in your bathroom creates a whole new space that is full of color, texture and pattern.  Experiment with different styles and shapes for a truly custom look.  The durable, easy-to-clean surface of tile is also an easy way to create something special in your bathroom.


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