How to redecorate your bathroom on a budget

A bathroom with a cost-effective bathtub, toilet, and sink.

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that the priciest rooms to redecorate in the home are the kitchen and bathroom. This is typically the case; with this in mind, if you are on a budget, and wish to update the home’s bathrooms, you can still do so. It is going to take some imagination and shopping around for deals, but these are a few simple ways as to how to redecorate your bathroom on a budget. If you would like advice on how to redecorate your bathroom you should get in touch with a local bathroom fitter.


Guide on how to redecorate your bathroom on a budget using floral wallpaper and a sink.

It’s your best friend if redoing the walls (and even certain floor surfaces). Not only can you find thousands of prints, and have custom designs made, you can choose from elegant colours, design, details, and finishes as well. Further, it is a fraction of the cost for new tiles, stone or other materials such as pricey quartz. And, with custom design options, you can custom create wallpaper to look like these finishes.


Learn how to redecorate your bathroom with brown tile and green towels on a budget.

Custom made shower curtains, mats, or other finishes, can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Guess what, you can do the work yourself. You can purchase different fabrics, print out different design ideas, and create your own unique rugs, carpets, towels, and decorative pieces. Yes, it will take some time and effort. But, you truly have a unique finish, something that is yours and unique, and it is going to cost virtually nothing, if you shop around before purchasing the materials as well.

Resurface it

Resurface, don’t replace. New quartz vanities, huge designer mirrors, or new cabinets, are quite pricey. If you have older items in the home, which are made of nice, high end materials, you can resurface them. Not only will the cost of labour be far cheaper, but it is going to cost virtually nothing to sand down those old cabinets, or to resurface our old counters in the space. Further, you can go for a custom look or finish, and you can have that vintage theme or style in the space, which is going to be a fraction of what new cabinets, new counters, and a new vanity would cost you to purchase and have a contractor install in to the space as well.

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Look for reorganizing ideas

A budget-friendly bathroom with wooden floors and a toilet.

You can use your wall space to build shelves yourself. Purchase a small DIY shelf to place behind the toilet. Yes, you can hire a contractor to custom design and install storage solutions, but at what cost? If you go to a local thrift store, go with second hand items, or even build your own shelves out of old pieces of wood you have lying around, you can really save on the high cost of labour and materials. Plus, you get the joy of knowing your hard work and dedication and updating the space in your home.

Yes, it is typically costly to redecorate your bathroom space in the home. But, a few of these simple tips will not only help reduce costs greatly, but will give your bathroom that unique, distinct, and one of a kind style, you won’t ever see in any other home.

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