How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom

How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom with pink walls and a yellow bathtub.

Because of their soothing and cooling features, pastel colours across the whole spectrum are a fun and ideal choice for bathroom decoration. The trend exploded in the 1980s, but has developed since then into a fun and contemporary option that can work in any home.

How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom with a pink shower curtain.
Transcend decades by mixing gold décor with pastel tones (

Neutral pastels like nude and peach tones provide an elegant backdrop for your bathroom and give a nod to elegant vintage style.

A bathroom with light blue walls and a white vanity, perfect for creating a pastel look.
Wood panelling painted with a pastel blue will give a bathroom a beach home feel (
A pastel bathroom with a white bathtub and a chandelier.
Large windows bring more light to your bathroom and showcase your light pastels perfectly (

Pastel blue shades work well with white in bathrooms because of the light and relation to the sky and the sea. It makes a room feel clean, light, and cool, which is exactly what most of us want from a relaxing bathroom space.

How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom with pink walls and a bathtub.
Adding seating and storage can create a dressing room element to your bathroom (

Pastel bathrooms have made a huge contribution to today’s shabby chic trend, which looks at recycling antique and vintage furniture to create fun and charming rooms. Roll top baths, exposed pipes and ornate furniture alongside any pastel tones will help to achieve the look, as will using feminine and floral shades like pink, yellow, and purple.

Keywords: pink walls, wooden chair
Get the seaside and ice cream look by mixing striped pastels (

Mixing pastel colours and expending your colour palette can create modern and summery bathrooms, especially with the addition of stripes and outdoor textures.

A white bathtub in a pastel bathroom.
Pale wood against pastel gives a Scandinavian twist to a room (

Pastels are no longer outdated and feminine, but cool, quirky, and provides a fresh outlook on colours in the home. Mix with other colours and textures (wood especially) for a cool and contemporary take on bathroom pastels.

How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom with blue walls and a sink.
Pastel blue with lots of white and mirrors gives an icy edge to a bathroom (

To keep your colour selection the main feature of your bathroom, stick to a minimal design plan and step away from ornate fixtures and fittings that may take attention away from your cool pastel walls.

The Perfect Bathroom Furniture Style That You Should Think About
How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom with a sink, toilet and tub.
Pastel green, yellow, and purple can work well together (

You can always take it back to the old school by mixing and clashing pastels in your bathroom, with loud furniture features and vintage style fixtures, for a quirky and kitsch coloured bathroom.

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