6 simple tips on making your small bathroom look bigger.

A glass shower and sink make a small bathroom look bigger.

A cramped and small bathroom ranks top of the list of things no one should have to endure. It is not only uncomfortable, but it also limits the luxuries you can add to your bathroom. While we can do nothing about the size, we know how to make a bathroom look bigger.

Having a small bathroom often leaves you with two unpleasant options; leave it bare to save space or cramp it up to meet your needs. But we have some ways to make your bathroom look bigger without having to spend a fortune.

Here are six tips on how to make your small bathroom appear bigger:

  1. Create the illusion of space with mirrors
  2. Use more light
  3. Use simple colours for balance
  4. Try minimalist furnishing
  5. Use large tiles
  6. Invest in Multi-purpose fixtures

Tips on making your small bathroom look bigger

1. Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

It is often the small things that make the most significant difference. For example, having a couple of well-placed mirrors will give your small bathroom the appearance of having more space. This is because mirrors reflect the light and area around them, making the room look bigger than it is. 

A simple rule for this illusion is: Go big with the Mirrors. The bigger the mirror, the larger the space would appear to be. Try a full-length mirror or mirrors that stretch from the ceiling to the ground; they are great options for small rooms.

2. Use more light

Lighting is an essential factor in bathroom design. The right amount of light can transform any space into a luxurious view. 

Decorating with Blue and White

Natural lighting is usually best for bathrooms and small spaces. The influx of light and nature would make your room look and feel like a bigger bathroom. But, no worries if it is too late to reposition your bathroom. Some bright bulbs will do the trick.

Be generous with your bulbs and strategic with their positions. Some well-placed bulbs and a large mirror will make your bathroom pop!

3. Use Simple Colours For Balance

No matter how large a room is, a clash of colours will only make it look chaotic, and chaos only makes it smaller. So instead, create a balanced tone across the bathroom with shades of a simple colour. Some designers recommend monotone, and that is quite the idea.

A balanced tone makes your bathroom look like an endless stretch of the same wall. No clash, no tight corners. Just one simple big wall. 

White is a pleasant colour for small bathrooms, and Black would also do the trick. These neutral colours are ideal for making your bathroom look bigger but using a simple shade of any colour would work

4. Try Minimalist Furnishing

Sometimes the bathroom is small; other times, it is just cluttered. Clearing your bathroom clutter is a great way to free up the space, but a minimalist approach requires more than decluttering.

Furnish the bathroom with only the essentials. If a fixture does not have to be in the room, make sure it is. For example, a sauna may look great in other bathrooms, but you know it would only make your bathroom look shrunken. Here are more ideas on how to furnish a small bathroom.

How to Design a Perfectly Cosy Bathroom

5. Large Tiles

Using large tiles is a more practical choice when trying to make your bathroom appear more prominent. The tiles cover larger areas than the smaller alternatives, removing the need for multiple more tiles and tile lines. The absence of several tiles makes the room look less occupied and creates a bigger bathroom.

Plain tiles are ideal for making bathrooms look bigger, but flora patterned ones will work just as well. However, it is best to avoid mosaic tiles since they have busy appearances, making the room look cramped.

6. Invest in multipurpose fixtures

Nothing answers the question of “how to make a bathroom look bigger” like multitasking. Instead, create the appearance of space by making the features of your bathroom perform more than one function.

Start with the basic items like letting your wall serve as a storage unit for towels and other bathroom essentials or attaching drawers to your basin. You should also check here for more tips on making your bathroom look bigger.

And It is Affordable!!!

These simple tips can transform your bathroom from the cramped bathing space and make it look bigger. And the good news is that most of them are very affordable. So you can have the big bathroom you always wanted without rebuilding your house or spending more than necessary.

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