7 Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Fresh New Look

A modern bathroom with a large tub and large windows.

Bathrooms are much more than merely functional spaces. A properly designed bathroom is also relaxing and stylish. In any case, why would you decorate the rest of the home and overlook the bathroom?

To this end, many homeowners are constantly hunting for trendy bathroom decoration ideas to breathe new life into their bathrooms. We’ve rounded some quick bathroom tiling ideas to make your dreams come true.

1. Monochrome tiles 

No, not black and white. Monochrome essentially means choosing multiple shades within one color family. For instance, if you choose to work with pink, you have the liberty to work with shades ranging from light pink to deep blushes.

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Monochrome tiles
Scandinavian loft style bathroom 3d render,There are white brick wall, black and white tile floor pattern, There are black metal frame window nature light shining into the room.

For bathrooms specifically, the options are endless. Even pink would be a good choice. Just make sure to add black, white, and metallic elements to prevent the design from falling apart. Adding some texture can also go a long way.

2. Traditional black and white

The main reason many people keep away from black and white is that it’s monotonous. The classic black and white squares is so washed it no longer inspires. Fortunately, there are endless ways to mix and match black and white tiles to create the perfect environment.

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Traditional black and white
Bathroom Tile Ideas – Traditional black and white

One option that works extremely well is square bathroom floor tiles in solid black and white to create a traditional check pattern. Alternatively, consider wall tiles in geometric patterns. It’s the perfect way to add a little oomph to your small bathroom.

3. Reclaimed wood effect tiles 

Reclaimed wood is a massive trend right now. You might have seen it even in offices and throughout other rooms in the house. It works just as well in the bathroom. The tiles are made from wood salvaged in one location and repurposed to create furniture or a surface covering elsewhere.

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Bathroom Tile Ideas - Reclaimed wood effect tiles
Bathroom Tile Ideas – Reclaimed wood effect tiles

Reclaimed wood tiles are made from porcelain and have a mixed color palette. They also come in a mish-mash of different colors and often contain painted pieces to add character and personality.

4. Cool and cozy grey 

Grey bathroom times are also very popular in modern decors. It’s especially a favorite among men who don’t want to bring unnecessary drama to their homes. The only problem is that too much grey can cause an excessively cold tone in the room, especially if the bathroom gets little lighting.

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Cool and cozy grey 
Bathroom Tile Ideas – Cool and cozy grey

Therefore, we strongly suggest finding warmer greys. From putty to greige, warmer greys create a clean, sharp bathroom without the cold feeling. If you wish, add greenery and wood accents to add a spark of the area.

5. Patterned floor/wall-tiles 

Patterned tiles can be chic, especially in tiny spaces. However, we rarely see them as most people are too careful with tile choices. If you’re prepared to be a little unique, you can dip your toe into the world of patterned tiles with patterned floor tiles. Alternatively, you can go all-out with patterned tiles on the walls and floor.

Patterned floor/wall-tiles
Patterned floor/wall-tiles

The beauty of patterned tiles is that they allow you to all a level of flair to your bathroom’s interior design while keeping things simple. Make sure to find the right patterns, though. Pinterest has endless options to look at.

6. Classic subway tiles 

Subway tiles are rectangular, thick, low-fired, glazed ceramic tiles. If it’s the first time you’re hearing about them, they are found on the walls of the New York subway stations and have become very popular among homeowners and builders.

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Bathroom Tile Ideas - Classic subway tiles 
Bathroom Tile Ideas – Classic subway tiles

The beauty of subway tiles is that they never seem to go out of fashion. Although they’ve been around since the early twentieth century, they are still as stylish as ever. For a decorative twist, go for contrasting colors or play around with the layout of the tiles. For example, herringbone and zig-zag patterns are both very attractive.

7. Go with a dark color

Dark colors are an excellent choice when you want to bring drama and atmosphere to a room. Dark tones also allow you to express yourself in the room without making it too obvious. Another key benefit of going dark is that they don’t show dirt as easily as lighter tones.

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Go with a dark color
Bathroom Tile Ideas – Go with a dark color

The choices are endless. Whether you choose forest greens, rich navy blues, or inky blacks, you’re certain to create an instant impact. Ideally, you want tiles with a certain level of gloss to help bounce light around the room.


In the end, finding the best bathroom tile ideas is all about thinking outside the box. Some of the most unique bathroom decors are just simple designs reincarnated. In fact, a few houseplants could be all you need to blend the tile floor with the rest of the décor. Nevertheless, hopefully, you now have a few bathroom tile ideas to try on your next redecoration.

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