The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design of 2021

A white bathroom with a bathtub and sink showcasing elegant Bathroom design.

The latest trends in bathroom design are about more than just tiles and faucets. The room itself has to have a specific feel for it to be truly inspiring. From lighting, fixtures, colors, textures, and materials used- all of these elements need to work together to create the ambiance that will make you want to spend time there. Bathrooms are often neglected spaces in the home. They’re also one of the most important spaces to get right because they can make or break your day. Your bathroom design is just as important as all other rooms in your house, and these trends show that bathrooms are finally getting their moment in the spotlight! Here are some of the emerging trends in bathroom design.

Open Space

Bathrooms have become more than just a place to shower and brush your teeth; they’re now often designed as an escape from the day’s chaos with spa-like showers and tubs that you can soak in for hours at a time. This creates open space within bathrooms, which lets light flow through easily without feeling closed in. Open space can make a room feel larger and more luxurious, so it’s often incorporated into bathrooms for this reason. It also allows for better flow between rooms, so you don’t feel like there are any dead ends within your home! This flooring style is made up of rectangular pieces that are placed in a checkerboard-style pattern. You can use oriental rugs to make the floor feel more inviting and cozy.

A modern bathroom with a bathtub and shower featuring a stylish bathroom design.

Muted Colors

Bathrooms are often designed in light colors like white and gray, but more designers are now incorporating softer hues into their designs, such as lavender or blue. These tones feel calming and relaxing while still giving a sense of sophistication. Muted colors are also much easier to maintain. Colors like soft neutral gray, pale lavender, and light blue are perfect for this space.

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A bathroom with a modern design featuring blue walls and a white tub.

Tip: Soften your colors by using texture to break up the monotony of a single color palette. Natural materials such as wood can add warmth and depth while keeping it soft enough for the bathroom setting.

Marble Floors

A traditional bathroom flooring material, marble floors are a beautiful choice for your design! It can be used in any house room to add luxury and class, so why not use it here? Marble is both durable and easy to clean with its smooth surface. Furthermore, it’s not just the floor that can be tiled! You may want your walls lined with tile, which is typically done in a running bond pattern. This allows you to mix grout colors for added visual interest. Marble or tiles can also be used on the wall to create a beautiful border or accent design. Check “bathroom design trends” for designing your bathroom with the latest and high-quality materials.

A white bathroom design with a large tub and a chandelier.


A very popular design choice these days, wallpaper can be used as a beautiful accent to your bathroom’s décor. It is an easy way to add color and pattern without painting the walls or getting new tiles! You could even mix patterns by using two different types of wallpaper on one wall for added interest. There are many great wallpapers to choose from, so be sure to do your research or shop around for the perfect one. Choose from marble, floral, geometric and more.

A bathroom with a pink tub and black wallpaper, showcasing a unique bathroom design.

Lighter Colors

Pastel colors and whites tend to be the most popular for bathroom design, as they can create light and open spaces without adding too much clutter or making it feel like you’re stuck inside all day long! While darker shades might look nice, they can make a room feel smaller and more closed-in. Lighter colors also allow the eye to focus more on what’s important, like your beautiful new bathtub.

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A white bathroom with a tub and a sink designed for a modern aesthetic.


Painting walls is one of the easiest decorating upgrades you can make! Try experimenting with different shades and colors for a space that fits perfectly into your home or matches your personality better. Have fun painting those walls: light and bright, dark and dramatic, or anything in between.

Bathroom design featuring green walls and a white toilet.

Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs are a simple way to add a pop of color or style. They prevent slips and keep you more comfortable on your feet. Put brown or beige rugs in a light bathroom to help space feel more open. The rugs will also help make the room feel more finished. Always put rug pads under the bathroom rugs to protect your floor.

A bathroom designed with a glass shower and rug.


Bathrooms are all about the light reflections, so mirrors can make space feel more open and fresh! If you have an existing mirror in your bathroom that is too big or not the style you want, updating it with new hardware will do wonders for how it looks. Go minimalistic and sleek with a simple, modern frame.

A black and gold bathroom with a gold mirror showcasing elegant bathroom design.

Bathroom Storage

A beautiful new design for your bathroom could be as simple as adding storage! There must be enough storage in bathrooms where you can put all of your products and toiletries, so they’re out of sight but still accessible – it’ll also free up counter space. Storage can be added in a number of ways – from adding shelves to the side or back of your mirror, installing open shelving units with baskets below them for towels and toiletries, using stackable drawers under the sink. You name it!

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A bathroom design featuring a sleek grey color scheme and essential fixtures including a toilet, sink, and mirror.

Shower Doors

We love installing frameless shower doors and fixed glass panels in bathrooms because they allow for more space, light, and privacy than traditional framed showers with hardware! Shower doors or fixed glass panels also block out steam, allowing you to maintain a more comfortable showering experience.

A bathroom with elegant marble walls and a sleek glass shower door showcasing exquisite bathroom design.

Latest Lighting

Early morning light is great for waking up and keeping your bathroom bright, but it’s not the only option on offer! Choose from an array of different lighting styles to set the mood or color scheme that you want. LED lights are a popular choice because they’re energy-efficient and last for years.

We’ll let you in on a little secret – we love glass tiles for shower floors as these tiles are easy to clean, plus the reflective surface bounces natural light around the room! They are also available in many colors, which can help create some dramatic effects, such as adding color or mood lighting beneath your feet when bathing. The options for light textures are endless, so be sure to explore all your options and find the one that suits you best.

A bathroom with marble counter tops and a tub, designed in white.

On a Nutshell

Bathroom design is an evolving field of interior design. New trends pop up every day, but the general principles still make your bathroom a place where people want to spend time and enjoy themselves by incorporating these latest trends. And also going for the latest contemporary rugs from RugKnots into your current designs or planning out a whole new space for your home. You may find that designing with function in mind can make all the difference in creating bathrooms we love spending time in!

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