Home Garden 8 Small Flower Garden Ideas for a Lifelike Alfresco 

8 Small Flower Garden Ideas for a Lifelike Alfresco 

Flower garden with water

If nature is part of living a complete life for you, then installing an outdoor flower garden is a must-do!

You don’t want space to limit your potential, so you’re going to experiment with landscaping, ornamentation, and different garden styles depending on your needs and preferences.

beautiful flower garden

car flowers ecology concept in spring flower child green vehicle

On top of that, there are lots of pros to adding a small backyard garden to your design, which we will discuss later.

So, where do you start with a flower garden project if you’ve chosen to create one?

1. Garden on a wall

Balcony garden on the wall

flower garden planner

A small flower garden on a wall is a well-thought-out approach if you have little space and an empty wall. Feel free to be creative when installing a wall or vertical garden on your exterior.

Construct shelves into your wall and add growing lights, or use chalkboard-inspired plant-shelves to support your plants.

2. The Staircase garden

Staircase garden

Add thick green vegetation to make your balcony private

Anyone can incorporate the staircase garden in their apartment. Here are two designs to inspire you.

  • Add flower pots and vases on the sides of your existing staircases, or
  • Build staircase racks for your floweret to create a real staircase garden (if you don’t have a staircase)

Which style did you find appealing and fit for your home? Both options are space-efficient and a stylish way to build a small garden.

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3. Grow along the fence

Flower garden banks

flower garden edging

Grow plant herbs and flowers along your fence if you don’t have space. Build a creative nursery or use earthenware boxes to match the natural outdoor environment.

Growing in patches, or from spot to spot adds a sense of design to your lawn. 

4. Landscaping does the magic

flower garden bed around house

flower garden pictures

If your backyard is spacious, but you’re still after a small flower garden, then landscaping can help get every other thing in order.

Trim fences, remove clutter, and let green dominate, then you can add small floret orchards in different spots to form a garden.

5. Add furniture to create a comfortable plant room

Garden with furniture

Nice balcony garden with chairs

You don’t have space for a large self-sufficient outdoor plant room, but a comfy couch or seat paired with hanging plants can do.

Use thick contrasting fabrics or go rustic depending on your preferences. You can also add a small coffee table to your herb room to make it more functional.

6. Arrange plants and herbs on a Flower bed

Dubai garden flower

Different types of flowers blooming in pots made of multicolored car tires on a esplanade near sea

Organizing plants neatly on your flower bed, according to their height, can make a small garden look large and assorted.

You can either stick out a custom-made wooden or metallic flower bed from your wall or purchase stand-alone designs from a nearby houseplant store.

7. The Round Garden with a central fountain

round garden

Green garden

A water source always blends well with flora, which explains why the round garden with a centrally-placed fountain never fades away.

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Plus, with this style, you can build to scale. You do not need an entire football field to create one. A 4m x 4m space (or less) is more than enough.

Install a conspicuous fountain in the middle, and if you like, it can serve as the source of water for your bloom.

8. An Ornamented outdoor Garden

flowers carriage

Create a personalized garden to suit your theme and interests.

Install ornaments like a bird’s nest if you have a pet, or a Buddha statue if you intend to use your garden as a meditation area.

You can also add wild animal statues to make your garden look more lifelike.

The Many Pros of a Small Flower Garden

Rrse flower garden ideas

Garden in a basket

So why is a sizeable garden a calculated move for your apartment?

  1. Little maintenance; Good things come in small packages— and you’ll love a small lawn because you won’t break a sweat to care for it.
  2. You have options when it comes to placement: You can either position your small flower garden on the wall, backyard, windowsill, or even your balcony.
  3. Change with the seasons: With a small orchard, you can always transform your garden with the seasons.
  4. You can travel anytime: It is easier to install self-watering mechanisms into a tiny greenery scene (than on a large garden). A small flower garden won’t limit you when you need to go away for some time.
Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Great flower and herb garden

Furthermore, small is economical, and home gardens offer many benefits, such as a serene natural environment, fresh air, and an extra taste of style.




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