Decorate Your Balcony Garden with 6 Best Flowering Plants

balcony garden

Some family members love to nourish their balcony garden with fragrant flowering plants. A balcony is a spot in your house where you can stretch and lose yourself for a while. And, feel windy weather! Also, check on your budding plants that show signs of new flower-buds. Believe it or not, having a balcony garden is indeed blissful. However, it is always a matter of doubt about what plants you should grow. So, here it is!

This blog shares a few ideas of six different flowering plants to decorate your balcony and transform it into a beautiful garden. Only one tip: Do not forget to water them daily!

1. Subtle Impatiens

Balcony Garden

Impatiens is a beautiful and delicate flower. It grows between six to 20 inches in height. They specifically grow in Spring, while sustaining further, until summers. If you feel like subtly decking up your balcony, pick Impatiens flower.

2. Yellow and Bright Marigold

Balcony Garden

If you are one of the fellows who love yellow shade over and over again, you should think of planting Marigold. These chrome and lemon yellow flowers will spark up your balcony. They reflect the sunlight adding a dramatic ambiance to your balcony garden. Besides, Marigold needs less water and space. Only, they need hotter days of summer over colder circumstances of winters. Being capable to resist pest naturally, they will serve as a good way to keep the mosquitoes at bay from your home.

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3. Beautiful Begonias

Balcony Garden

If you possess a shaded balcony where there is moderate sunlight, you can opt for a fabulous Begonia flowering plant. They need less space and are sensitive. They look stunning when fully bloomed.

4. Colorful and Vivid Pansy

Balcony Garden

Just like Begonias, Pansies also need a shaded balcony over strong heat. This means they are sensitive plants. They grow in varying colors like white, pink, yellow, purple, pink, red, yellow, etc. You can decorate your balcony just by these varying Pansies in your balcony garden.

5. Petunia, Balcony Garden’s Charm

Balcony Garden

The best thing about this wonderful flowering plant, Petunia, is that they can be cultivated for the entire year. Yes, they are perennial plants. These pink flowers will add a distinguished décor to your balcony garden. They need a moderate temperature, and cannot sustain extreme cold. However, they need very little watering for nourishment.

6. Embellish by Morning Glory

Balcony Garden

Just like Pansies, Morning Glory grows different colored flowers. These colorful flowers will deliver a vibrant atmosphere to your balcony. They are not potted plants rather they grow in vines. Therefore, they can be managed according to the way you want to enhance the window frames and balcony grills. Again, they need less water, a shaded spot, and moderate sunlight.

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Balcony Garden

There are enough ideas to harmonize these flowering plants in your balcony. According to the area of your space, design your balcony garden to become the most charming spot in your sweet home.


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