7 Proactive Plumbing Care Tips

A pair of pliers on a workbench for plumbing care.

Plumbing is one of those household systems that we take for granted. It’s there, tucked away behind the walls, doing a great job keeping us supplied with fresh hot water and taking the surplus away. Plumbing also feeds some of the appliances in the home – the washing machine and dishwasher for example – and is a vital system in every home and other buildings. 

There may be times when you need to call out a professional plumber, but you can reduce the chances of needing one by following the care tips below. Let’s not hang around, here’s our first essential plumbing care tip. 

Fix Small Leaks Fast

To avoid calling out a plumber in Broomfield Co you need to keep on top of those annoying little leaks. Leaks in pipework can lead to serious floods. Dripping taps may also do so. You may not think those leaks are significant but the damage they can cause can be considerable. If you are adept at DIY then a leaking tap, for example, should not be a problem for you. There are plenty of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube and elsewhere that you can follow for advice, so get started on that small leak right now.

Check the Cistern Valve

Among the essential plumbing equipment in every home is the sanitary system – your toilet and its effective operation. One common fault that uses more water than you would want to is when the ‘flapper’ in your toilet cistern is incorrectly set. This is an arm inside the system usually with a weighted ball on the end. It rises and falls with the water level when the toilet is flushed, opening and shutting the inlet valve to refill the cistern when needed. If incorrectly set it can do so constantly, or not at all. It’s an easy check, simply open the cistern and adjust by turning the ball on a thread until it shuts the valve at the right level.

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Clean Shower Heads

A shower head for efficient plumbing care.

A shower is the preferred method of bathing for many as it is not only quick, simple, and effective, but is also the most efficient use of water in the home. Showers use considerably less water than a bath, for example, but over time small particles can get stuck in the shower head which will reduce the efficiency of the device. Make sure you clean your shower heads regularly and that they are dispensing water through all holes.

Have Your Hot Water Boiler Serviced

An essential factor in home care and maintenance is the condition of your water boiler. This is in regard to your hot water supply which is a vital system. As with all appliances that work full-time, your boiler is one that will need a regular service. There are parts within that are consumable – they will wear out over time – and these need replacing every now and then. An annual service is not expensive and will keep your boiler in top condition for its given lifetime. Have your local plumber check your boiler right now and then yearly after that. 

Check Drains Regularly

Drains are a part of the plumbing system that we rarely think about. However, they are among the most important as their purpose is to take away used water that needs to be sent to waste. Drains can become blocked easily. If you notice a sink emptying more slowly that usual, for example, it is more than likely the drain is partly or fully blocked. This should be an easy job for a DIY enthusiast, and you can buy products to pour into the drain that will dissolve the blockage. If you are in doubt, your plumber will happily check the drains for you. 

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Ensure Correct Usage of Appliances

We’ve mentioned the two common appliances that use your plumbing system – the washing machine and the dishwasher – but are they using more water than they should? The washing machine in particular can easily use excess water when it is not needed, leading to higher water charges than you should be paying. Many people make the mistake of simply selecting a general setting for their washing when a more specific one would use less water. Make sure you are using the most efficient settings by consulting the manufacturer instructions. 

Get a Plumber to Check Your Systems

Finally, if you have moved into a new home or you have concerns about any area of your plumbing system, we recommend you get a local Broomfield plumbing service provider to give your system a thorough check over. This will reveal any problems that need attention to or will shortly do so, and they can be rectified right now for your peace of mind. We hope this short article has helped you understand the basic maintenance that will keep your plumbing running smoothly. 

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