Cable Management Secrets

Keeping your workplace organized either at home or in the office can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with lots of cable wires. It must be done to ensure not only an aesthetic appearance but also for safety and production purposes. Minimizing cord clutter in the workspace helps in keeping the wires in tip-top shape and increases functionality and ease of use.

There are a lot of ways to tame the mess that can affect productivity. Some of the cable management secrets in today’s industry include wrapping, labeling, and getting the wires off the floor. However, one ultimate way to organize the mess is by utilizing a cable management box which is an efficient way of minimizing cord clutter.

Wrap the Wires

You should wrap your wires for three main reasons. One, by wrapping the cables in an organized manner, unnecessary damage can be prevented. Two, you can quickly identify which cords are connected to the same devices for efficient trouble shooting. Three, wrapping the wires can help hide them from view.

There are four materials that can easily be bought in the hardware next door to bind the cables together – nylon harnesses, zip ties, Velcro straps, and electrical tapes. If these items are not available, you can even use clips or binders. What’s important is that you can bind the cables into their respective groups, which makes it easier for you to conceal them under the desk or behind the table. 

Label the Cables

Once you get the hang of binding cables according to their usage, there may be times when you’ll be confused about their utility. As such, it is important that you label the wires or even color code them for easier identification. Some cables look similar to each other, which makes it harder to recognize which device they are connected to.

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While the most efficient way to label your wires is by using self-laminating markers, colored duct tapes and pens can also do the trick. You can include what the cable is used for and even write additional details such as cable length and type. Labeling the wires can also help you pin down the other end to increase work productivity. 

Get the Cords off the Floor

Getting the jumbled wires off the floor can not only brighten the workplace but also decreases the risks of you getting into an accident. The scattered cables on the ground make navigating in the limited spaces difficult and may even result in frequent falls.

To prevent health risks, it is essential to be organized when it comes to cord clutter. Shorten unnecessary cable length to avoid bulking, and hide the bundled wires in places that you don’t usually walk through. You can also position your cords in a way that they are hidden from plain sight. Just hide them behind the desk or utilize your baskets to the fullest. A docking station can also help to keep them all together. 

Keep Cables Together With Cable Management Box

One of the ultimate cable management secrets used in reducing clutter in home and office settings is the cable management box. This bin is essential in efficiently organizing cables and hiding them from view. It offers a lot of benefits:

High Quality: Cord organizer boxes are helpful in maintaining order in the workspace as it safely stores the cords in durable material safe from disturbances and harm. 

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Ensures Safety: You can keep your children and pets safe from harm by keeping the cables organized in these boxes with a clasp and safe-lock feature. 

 Useful Freebies: This cable management box comes along with clips and straps to help you organize your wires into different criteria and prevent jumbling inside the bin.


Tired of messy workspaces that inhibit productivity? How about cables that become a safety hazard the longer they are ignored?

If you’re on the hunt for something that can help you organize your mess and still be able to accommodate a wide variety of your wires, then Blue key Word Cable management box is the right one for your organization’s needs!

With no difficulty, our cable management box can fit most of your electrical items ranging from cords, extensions, surge protectors, and wire bundles. What’s more? It is an ideal gift idea for friends who are facing the same problems.

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