3 Electrical Issues You Need a 24-Hour Electrician For

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Your electrical system plays a huge role in your home. It connects you to the electricity grid, providing power to your lights, electric sockets, appliances, and other devices. However, issues and faults with the system are not unusual. They have a way to surface, especially when you least expect them to. When this happens, not only will it be very inconvenient for you, but it might also put you and your family in danger.

For some electrical issues, they can wait until the next day. However, others require a more urgent response and attention. Thus, you might need to call in the services of a 24-hour electrician. But what are these more serious electrical issues that you just can’t sleep on? Find out below.

Emergency Electrical Issues that Require a 24-Hour Electrician

1. No Power

If your lights go out but your neighbors haven’t, and you have already determined with your local utility company that their service is not the problem, then it’s time for you to call an electrician. He will conduct an inspection, do the necessary repairs, and restore power to your home. Moreover, he will find out what is causing the problem and determine whether it’s a minor issue, such as faulty wiring, or a more serious issue like your circuit breaker failing. This is a vital step so you can address the issue sooner before it develops into a bigger problem later on.

2. Burning Smell from Power Outlets

In some cases, your power outlet may smoke, burn, or start to heat up. For one, this can be caused by old and outdated wirings. It can also be due to an overload or if there are too many appliances and devices plugged in a single outlet. Unfortunately, both of these issues may lead to a fire. Thus, when you notice a burning smell from your outlet or see signs of discoloration, contact your trusted 24-hour electrician immediately.

However, if you see fire or a lot of smoke from an outlet, don’t take a chance. Get your family to safety and stay away from your house. You should then call Fire and Rescue and dial triple zero (000) immediately. If there’s little smoke, you can try to use your fire extinguisher but make sure to secure your family first.

When you are permitted to enter your home, you can call a licensed electrician to replace the damaged wirings and outlets. He can also help you determine what caused the fire so you can avoid similar incidents in the future.

3. Zapping or Buzzing Sounds

Do you hear a zapping or buzzing sound when you plug in a device or appliance to an outlet? Or maybe you hear these sounds when you turn a switch? If you do, call a 24-hour electrician. These sounds can be an indication of a very dangerous situation. You could have problems with your wiring or with your circuit, which can lead to a fire.

Need a 24-Hour Licensed Electrician in Sydney?

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When you call us, we will immediately send out a qualified and licensed electrician who can get to you in the shortest time possible. Call us at (02) 8729 0771 or contact us online to book a job, and we will get back to you without delay.

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